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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: 8 Ways for Photographers to Be Productive at Home

by Jenn Pereira April 17,2020 21019 Views

Over the past weeks, many industries were put on hold because of COVID-19. The pandemic that has placed the world on a standstill is getting worse and a lot of people are affected. The majority of businesses from almost all over the world have been on a halt and workday schedules have turned upside down. In the photography business, a lot of photographers have been jarred due to events being either rescheduled or cancelled completely.

Initially, the disease threatened the health of every person, especially the elderly. Due to the lockdowns and forced quarantines across almost every country, individuals are made to stay at home and avoid social interaction at all costs. While being on self-isolation, people do not only worry about the economical effects of COVID-19 but also on how to survive the boredom and endless longing to stay mentally and physically active throughout this conundrum.

Fortunately, for photographers there are a handful of productive things to do while staying indoors. Here are 8 ways to keep the days occupied without leaving home:

These expert tips for photographers are meant to improve efficiency, photo post-processing, updating digital marketing strategies, and a couple of other helpful photography pieces of recommendations to keep you up with your dynamics while inside the confines of home.

1. Manage and Organize Your Equipment and Files

For photographers, this is probably the best method of keeping efficient despite the lack of an actual photo shoot. The camera and other photography gears are made up of mechanical parts that are at risk of getting rusty, dusty, and the normal wear and tear. They also need TLC and what perfect time to do this than during a long period of forced rest?

Tip #1 – Clean your Photography Gear
A hectic schedule may not afford you enough time to clean up every gear that you have, especially the camera. Here is an informative video that shows how the camera and the rest of your equipment have to be cleaned up so they are kept in tip top shape.

Tip #2 – Clean Your Lens
The camera lens is perhaps the most essential tool that you have in your camera set up. It is best to keep it dust and lint-free to always provide you crisp sharp images. This video will guide you on the proper ways of cleaning camera lenses.

Tip #3 – Setting Up Your Home Photography Studio
Owning a home photo studio allows you to conveniently shoot clients in a place that you are most comfortable with. It is only proper that the place is free from clutter, not only to make things orderly but also to impress future clients. This is the right time to organize your place, make a new setup, and clean up every nook and cranny.  Because you are bothered by other instances and people who might disturb you on your mission of making it spotless.

Tip#4 – Organize Your Files

Aside from the camera, the computer is also an essential gear in your business. On most tips for photographers, you will often find a tip about organizing computer files, particularly the drives and storages of your photos. Because you are not having shoots lately, no new files are added on the drives, making it convenient moment to defragment and check for errors. It will ensure an optimum performance despite the lull in the industry.

Backup Files. You never seem to have enough time to do backups while you are busy with photo editing. Take this time to backup photos either on the internal or external drives.

Categorize Your Photos. One of the ways to maintain efficiency while you are photo retouching is by categorizing photos. This will allow you to easily find files even from those you shot a while back.

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2. Improve Your Photography Skills

One of the tips for photographers that you should live by is that you should not be limited by what you already know. It might be difficult to hone your craft while juggling photoshoot schedules but this season of being at home quarantine gives you the luxury of time to do so.

Tip#1 – Discover New Techniques

Consider photography as a never-ending adventure and be amazed at other techniques that you may not have discovered before. You also have plenty of time to practice each technique until you master it, adding the new ones to your skillset. Learn about macro photography or improve your still-life and portraits shooting skills, etc.

Tip#2 – Explore More Photography Resources

If you are already in the business, it may be difficult to have time to explore photography resources other than what you are already familiar with. Given that you cannot go on a library trip, thank the heavens for the internet. There is a wide world of online resources out there that is waiting to be explored, discovered, and applied to your skills and knowledge.

Tip#3 – Get Ideas from Other Photographers

Perhaps one of the consolations of this period is the fact that you are not alone in this battle. Most of the photographers are at home and are also logged in to online communities. Connect with them and participate in the sharing of ideas and techniques that might be helpful to your craft. You can even plan on future collaborations with those near your place or with photographers who share the same genre as you.

Tip#4 – Try other Photography Techniques Like Macro/Toy Photography

Do not be confined in your own photography genre as there are tons out there that might be suited to your liking. You will never know how enjoyable shooting in macro is if you will never try it, right?

3. Check Out Virtual Art Galleries

Aside from constantly shooting, one of the best tips for photographers is to be inspired with other works of art by fellow artists. There are numerous virtual art galleries you can check out online and most of them are for free. You are actually doing yourself a favor, because this will enable you to draw out inspiration from all the world-class artworks that are on display. If you’re too keen about paintings, there are other galleries that exhibit works from renowned photographers. You can include it as one of your resources for both inspiration and shooting techniques.

While everyone is cautious about going out, try to explore and get inspired with art via virtual art galleries. Google Arts & Culture collaborated with over 2,500 museums and art galleries to make famous cultural institutions accessible at the comfort of your own homes. Take a virtual tour of the famed Musée d’Orsay in Paris, London’s National Gallery, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Check out these virtual tours of museums around the world.

Take advantage of the free online exhibits of extensive photo collection of high-resolution close-ups of renowned paintings. There are also tons of other resources, informative articles, that’ll grant you different perspectives about art. The knowledge that you’ll gain will be handy in putting up creative or thematic photoshoots later on.

4. Join Online Photography Contests

Another way to hone your craft in photography is to challenge yourself by entering online photography contests. You may submit old photos, depending on the rules of the contests, and it will be fun to see entries from other photographers. Use the current situation as your inspiration. You follow what MeDis Project Photography is doing which is starting a photo journal for the future generations to look into. Who knows, you might be the lucky photographer to snag a price or two from the photos that you take in this historical period. 

Research photo contests online, join the contest and submit your photos. Aside from the prices, it is one best way to showcase your photography and hone your creativity.

While at home, you can share your passion with the world. Here are a few sites that host online photography contests on various genres of photography. Find the one that best suits you.

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5. Expand Your Online Presence

It can be challenging to be active on the Internet if you have too many bookings. What a higher chance to make future clients notice you than this moment? Just think of it, almost everyone is literally at home, killing time on social media. Chances are, they might be looking for a photographer for future events. Also, remember that most of those who had already planned for photo shoots have already cancelled. Thereby, giving you the opportunity to persuade them and acquire your services. You have adequate time to catch their attention and entertain any of their inquiries without delay.  

Tip#1 – Update Your Social Media Account

A good strategy of expanding your web presence is to be active and interact on your social media accounts. Post a series of photos that highlight your talent. Connect with your friends by asking them how they’ve been during these trying times. Acknowledge those who liked or loved your posts to make them know that there is a real person behind the posts and not just a mere bot. Learn how to use the following social media platforms as they are frequented the most possible clients:

33 Social Media Content Ideas for Photographers

Instagram Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Tip#2 –  Update Website (If None, Start Building Your Website)

Interested people may want to know more about you and your photography services, hence the need to update your website or start making one if you still don’t have any. It’ll  be the easiest way to reach you. And one of the tips for photographers that you can apply is to make the website as versatile as possible. It should be a place where you should not allow them to stop at admiring your photos. Capitalize on this so that they will want to have you to do their next event or shoots. For example, aside from a contacts page, an area where they can see your availability and  instantly book your services even without waiting for your response. 

Tip#3 –  Start Blogging

A blog is also another way to keep possible clients interested with your services. Start it simple by posting photos and describe it according to the inspiration behind each photo, the techniques that you use, or even the workflow during post processing.

Tip#4 – Join Groups and Online Communities for Photographers

You may also join online photography communities where you can share with fellow photographers your own photos. Search and join photography related groups on Facebook. It is a nice venue to collaborate ideas and share insights about different photography techniques. There are groups who conduct photo challenges that you can participate in. The competition will be fun since the participants are not limited to a certain region. You can discover techniques and styles that are used by other photographers from different countries.

6. Learn How to Process/Edit Your Own Photos

Post-processing photos is as tedious as taking them. Photographers often like to stay away from the computer as much as possible and would rather spend their hours shooting more photos. While this is possible, there are many reliable photo editing services providers that could do this task for you. Furthermore, it is also fun to learn a thing or two about how each photo is transformed to perfection.

Tip#1 – Practice Photo Editing/Retouching

Photo editing and retouching may sound difficult but it is actually doable. All you need is a photo editing software to get started.

Using Photoshop. Photoshop is one of the most widely used photo editing software. Learn the basic tools and you will be able to crop, change the file size, and do other simple Photoshop actions.

Using Lightroom. Lightroom is undoubtedly the best tool to apply different effects to make photos more creative. Check out these free Lightroom presets from Ephotovn and use them on your photos. Download Our 100+ Free Lightroom Presets Here.

Tip#2 – Learn How to Use Photo Editing Softwares

Aside from Photoshop and Lightroom, there are loads of other photo editing software that you can learn. Look for those that offer free trials which you can try out before purchasing for the full versions.

7. Monetize and Sell Your Photos Online

Did you know that you can earn from your photos? There are many ways to do it online but the most common ones are submitting to a stock photo marketplace and selling on your own website.

Stock Photo Marketplace. A stock photo marketplace is common among those who are in the marketing and publishing industries. There’s absolutely no limit as to what type of photos you can submit because these stock photo marketplaces encompasses a wide range of industries.

Create a shop on your website to sell your own photos. One of the main reasons why you need to have your own website is to have a virtual space, not only to showcase but also to sell your photos. Categorize the photos systematically so that it will be easier for clients to choose which photos to purchase.

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8. Plan Out Your Next Project

If you are lucky enough to have booked your 2020 calendar way ahead before COVID-19 happened, spend the idle time that you have now by planning out the photo shoots ahead. Make checklists, put everything that needs to be done. You’ll find it rather easy to achieve certain tasks if you make use of a checklist. This will ensure that when the time comes and this pandemic has passed, you’ll be the most prepared to take projects with strong-will and confidence.

At the end of the day, the greatest technique you’ll learn during the Coronavirus pandemic is to learn how to use and manage time well. Unlike during those instances when you seem to run out of time with a very hectic schedule, COVID-19 gifted you with a resource that can never be replaced.

Instead of finding yourself at a loss with a ruined routine, use these tips for photographers to recharge your senses. Make the most of the time that you have by being productive. Reflect on the things you’ve dreamed before. Marvel on the achievements you’ve had, and look forward to what’s coming after the quarantine season until this COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Stay Home. Be Safe. Save Lives.

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, help stop the spread by staying at home.

We believe that despite this crisis, it is also a good opportunity for us to help one another improve and realize more important matters in life as a busy photographer.

Here’s some insightful tips from expert photographers we greatly admire. Like most of us, they are extremely affected by the pandemic but are moved by their depth of desire to share and shed light to what they are experiencing amidst this crisis. Their priceless advice will propel us to move forward.

8 COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: Inspirational Words from Expert Photographers

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