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Top 10 Online Photo Editor Software of 2023 [Review and Comparison]

by Lyn Pasco January 28,2022 9304 Views

Top Online Photo Editor Software

An online photo editor is simply a computer program that lets any individual to edit photos. It can be equipped with photo editing tools to do various effects or change the different aspects of a photo. The results will vary according to the techniques used or special effects added during the editing process.

Photo editing is the process of making ordinary pictures into something extraordinary. It can either be used to make family pictures, vacation photos, personal images, and special occasion photos more memorable. For business industries, editing photos can help increase their scopes and potentials. This is why a photo editor should be something to consider, not only by every photographer but also those who are using photos for something important.

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If you are looking for an online photo editor, there are tons that you will find from the internet. You can even choose to have a free photo editor if you are tight on the budget. A photo editor online is more than just a free editing software that can be your background remover or can give your photos one-of-a-kind effect. It can also help you achieve goals for your photos and maximize their potential.

To start your journey with photo editing, here are 10 of the top photo editing software to try for this year:

1. Pixlr X – website

Pixlr X is a free photo editing online software from Pixlr. As a basic tool, it allows you to do basic photo editing using a variety of tools, including Crop, Adjustment, Filter, Liquify, Text, etc. it is great to use if you are just learning about photo editing and you want to explore the different effects that you can do for your photos. The main disadvantage is that with a free tool, you do not have access to special tools that can help elevate the quality of photo edits.

Pixlr-X Online Photo Editor

You will have to subscribe for the Advanced Editor so you can have the basic features plus an access to over 3,000 overlays, 7,000 icons and stickers, and 5,000 decorative texts effects. It also gives access to an AI cutout tool as a bonus so you can easily perform the complex process of removing backgrounds in an instant.

2. Fotor – website

Fotor is an online photo editing software that works similarly like Photoshop. It comes in a suite of tools to adjust photo size, color, light, and other aspects. There are even HDR effects for more advanced users. The advantage of using Fotor is that their exclusive photo effects were carefully created by a team of talented designers.

Fotor Online Photo Editor

This makes it easier to retouch portraits by enhancing the amazing beauty features of the subject. Aside from editing photos, you may also use the software to create a stunning photo collage that is perfect for social media pages. Just like any other free apps, the only way to use professional-quality tools is by upgrading to the Pro Package. It will let you save and access projects in the cloud so you can work anywhere.

3. BeFunky – website

Photo editing can be tough but BeFunky promises an easy way to go around the difficult processes. Zero technical knowledge is required to use the app. It has smart enhancement tools to fix common photo problems such as poor lighting, noise, fuzziness, and more. Its main advantage is that you can switch the web and mobile photo editors so it is possible to edit photos even without a computer. It is essentially a simplified tool that is meant for everyday users. It is easy to use yet the results are sophisticated-looking.

BeFunky Online Photo Editor

BeFunky is not free and they offer either a monthly or annual billing that can be cancelled anytime. This means that if you want to improve photos and make stunning graphic projects, you have to pay at least a month’s worth of access to the app.

4. Adobe Spark – website

Adobe Spark is a free tool that lets you learn how photo editing works and create more impact for your images. You can make flawless photos without actually doing all the difficult work. The online photo editor has presets and professional templates to achieve pro-level results. This professional tool is great for creating brand-focus social posts, marketing materials, and fun graphics. The classic photo editing tools have similar photo adjustment tools to those popular ones that are used in PC applications.

Adobe Spark Online Photo Editor

Professionally crafted designs are achieved in minutes even without knowledge or skills on editing images. There is also an easy-share button to send finished projects to contacts or straight to any social media platform. It is easy and fun to use but, just like any other free apps, premium content is available for a fee. Adobe Spark packages are priced according to either Individual or Team packages. Purchasing a plan will uncover thousands more of effects, graphics, icons, and images. There are also unique designs from premium templates.

5. iPiccy – website

iPiccy is a web-based photo editing tool that makes photos look awesome using an easy to use photo editing tool right in the browser. There are options to make instant adjustments at the click of a button and over a hundred photo effects for Pro-level enhancements. It also comes with a simple photo collage maker that comes with a lot of templates and adjustments.

iPiccy Online Photo Editor

The graphic designer tool is great for adding stunning text effects and applying vector masks that will make the best photos for any purpose. The downside of using iPiccy is that you will need a fast internet connection to work seamlessly. This is common among web-based editors so it will be such a challenge to edit photos without a stable internet connection. Unlike other photo editors, the available effects and tools on the iPiccy are limited.

6.  Canva – website 

The Canva photo editing tool takes away every complicated tool needed for transforming photos. It has a simple UI that will quickly add filters, resize, and edit photos for free. There is a wide range of filters available and they are customizable graphics so you can create your own stunning effects. Minor photo problems, like lighting, can be fixed in seconds.

Canva Online Photo Editor

The controls are almost in a drag-and-drop process so it will literally take only a few clicks to get the edits done. Of course there are limitations to the Canva free tool. It is only great for quick projects but you need to subscribe to a plan for more customization and productivity options. The free tool only gives access to 8,000 plus templates and 100 plus design types while premium accounts gives access to over 60,000 templates, over four million photos and graphics, and even upload personal fonts and logos.

You can also check and if you are looking for the best Canva Alternative.

7. LunaPic – website

LunaPic is a free web-based image editor that has plenty of photo editing tools for free. It can be pretty confusing to use at first especially because you need to choose the effects or kind of edits that you need. It will be challenging for users who have zero knowledge on photo editing. For example, not all users may know what an Alpha Transparency is for or what the Thermal Iridescence Effect will do.

Lunapic Online Photo Editor

The huge downside of using LunaPic is that they automatically optimize images for online use. This limits the size of images to be used for projects. It will be difficult to edit large-file photos without losing some photo quality because of this. You also need to manually save photos or upload them directly to your website because LunaPic does not save any of your projects. This would mean that if you are editing photos, you need to finish all the edits, save the files, and check a lot of times if you have already saved them before exiting the website because you cannot access them again. Ever.

8. Photopea – website

Photopea is like an online Photoshop. It has almost the same tools and the online photo editor is right at the homepage. You only need to upload your photos and can start editing them at once. Of course you need to sign up for an account and have full functionality, unlike other free apps that have limited functions for free accounts. The difference between a free and premium account is that paying premium removes the annoying ads and will let you view up to 60 steps in history. It is only up to 30 steps on the free account.

Photopea Online Photo Editor

9. FotoJet – website

FotoJet is a template-based photo editing tool. This basically means that editing photos is both easy and free. It lets you create beautiful photos, collage projects, and transform simple graphic projects to pro-level. There are also multiple options for professional-quality photo rendering that may be used for business and Instagram posts. Still, premium features must be paid so that you can enjoy the exclusive benefits.

FotoJet Online Photo Editor

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10. Editor.Pro – website

Editor.Pro is a simple image editing tool that is also web-based. Newbies to photo editing will have fun exploring the different tools. It is a good way to get familiar with how each tool is used. You may try to practice editing the free samples or use your own photos. You have the option to download or send the finished photos on social media platforms. This free app, however, has very limited tools which limit what you can do with your photos.

Editor.Pro Online Photo Editor

There are a host of possibilities that you can achieve when you are able to edit your photos properly. You may want to learn how to do the process using the top photo editors on the list but do take note that not all of them are easy to use. A free online photo editor also does not guarantee the best results because you may need to purchase extra tools to get what kind of effects that you want.

One of the safest and smartest things you can do to go around the common problems with using free editing software is by having the help of a professional photo editing company.

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