How To Whiten Teeth In Photoshop – Quick & Simple [VIDEO Tutorial]

Jenn Pereira May 13,2020

You can capture great portraits for sure, but you don’t want the color of the teeth to take away the goodness of the picture. When do you need to whiten teeth in Photoshop? It’s when you want to have a good commercial photo for advertisement or professional picture for an application or simply an ID

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How To Properly Retouch Newborn Photos in Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

Lei Plameras March 18,2020

 It is such a significant and joyous moment welcoming the birth of a baby into this world. And it’s always a good idea to capture the baby’s first precious moments in the first few days of his life. To keep the newborn photos as a memoir and a sign of celebration to share with

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How to Remove or Change Background Quickly in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco January 6,2020

Are you interested in changing or removing a photo background in Photoshop? Or maybe your focus is changing a cloudy kind of sky to an adorable sunny day? Or even include a background that is flat for your own corporate headshot? Sometimes a photo that is average can be improved to a large extent by

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How to Enhance Lips in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco December 27,2019

Understand how you can use Adobe Photoshop to achieve a sexy outlook for your portrait. In this beginners Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you how you can do lip enhancement by adjusting its shape and improving lip colors. With a few straightforward methods that will be used in this video, you will know how you can

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How to Keep the Natural Skin Texture in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco December 13,2019
Keeping the Natural Skin Texture

In this particular tutorial, you would be learning how you can apply an incredible technique in Photoshop for creating natural skin texture. A unique and effective approach to addressing rough skin texture as well as pores without compromising the necessary features which make an image to appear professional and natural. This is one efficient way

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How to Enhance and Improve Image Color in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco December 7,2019

In this particular Photoshop tutorial, we are going to explore how to execute tinting, color corrections and color enhancement with basic Photoshop tools such as Gradient Map, Hue/Saturation, as well as Curves Adjustment Layer. Even if these very tools are not regarded as amongst the most used features in Photoshop, they certainly deserve to be

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How to Create Shiny and Voluminous Hair in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco December 1,2019

Doing a fantastic job when it comes to portrait retouching is something that requires a great deal of work. However, the face of your subject is not all that matters, with some touches on their hair, you’d be on your way to making the whole image magnificent. One major factor in knowing how healthy a

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Beauty Retouching – How to Add Digital Makeup in Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco November 26,2019

Women love to invest sufficient time in getting prepared. That’s because making up is a process that requires enough time. The physical make-up process involves hiding blemishes as well as using colors to paint the face. In several ways, it looks very similar to the process of photo retouching. In this video, we’ll show you

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How to Reduce Noise in an Image Using Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco November 19,2019

In this era of amazingly high ISO as well as camera sensors which seem to be improving with each passing day, grain and noise are becoming less of a problem than they were in the past. But whenever you need to turn down the noise or grain within your photos, there are fantastic Photoshop techniques

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How to Use Frequency Separation Technique in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco November 13,2019

Portrait photographers do what they can to achieve attractive skin in all their images. Thus, actualizing an attractive skin that looks natural is the holy grail of any portrait photographer. Expertly applied makeup as well as good lighting form the basis for beautiful skin, with photo retouching serving as the polish. In this particular tutorial,

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