At Ephotovn, we do not just remove backgrounds, we help you create beautiful pictures. We believe that you deserve to have the best product photos in order to elevate your business.

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Increase sales with effective product photos.

We have an expert team who can do both simple and compound clipping path services. Our editors carefully outline the subject in order to remove the background. It takes a lot of patience to do this but rest assured that, with our professionalism, we will complete the process no matter how complex the photos are.

  • A quick boost to E-commerce
  • Reliable and top-notch service

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“ I am so happy that we discovered Ephotovn. They have been a big help. Whenever we have need for editing services, they are always there to assist! ”

Clipping Masks

Enhance the quality of hair, fur, and other detailed subjects.

Image masking is a distinct background removal technique where poor quality photos are made beautiful. Even with a highly complex background, our expert editors can extract the finest details such as hair or fur using the image masking technique. Complex subjects, like jewelry, sculptures, or other objects also demands precision and it is through practiced masking manipulation techniques that the best results are achieved.

  • Consistent and precise image masking
  • Perfect for complex background removal services

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“The process was surprisingly quick and more importantly the results are always high-quality. I am very pleased with the services of Ephotovn. I believe they can satisfy the most difficult customers.”


Don’t confuse the customers with the wrong colors with our expert color correction processing.

Customers rely on product images to paint a clear picture of the items. It is important that you are able to present photos with the right colors for you to become reliable. It is, however, a common problem among photographers when the lighting and camera settings sometimes do not capture the real colors of the subjects. Our expert editors have the perfect solution using a number of techniques to correct the colors and get the right representation of products.

  • Hassle-free color correction
  • Fix problems caused by incorrect lighting, incorrect exposure, and other irregularities

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"I was very impressed with Ephotovn’s quality and fast service. They are quick to respond and deliver perfect quality of work. I will use them from now on."


Make products more attractive and professional looking.

Ghost mannequin, or a neck joint service, is a useful type of background removal where the product images are added with a touch of professionalism. To simply put it, ghost mannequin is when a product is photographed on either a real model or a mannequin. The photos are then processed to edit out the mannequin. By joining photos at different angles, the products will look as if they are worn with an invisible mannequin thereby showing all details, like the inner parts. It gives the buyer an idea of how the products will look like when worn.

  • Show off product features, including embellishments, cut, and inner linings
  • Allows a realistic experience to the natural shape and style of products

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"I am so happy that we discovered Ephotovn. They have been a big help for our company. Whenever we need help with editing, they are always there to take care of it."
Manuela Braun - Photographer at Dress for Less


Cost efficient way to present product variations.

With products that comes in a variety of colors, it will be time-consuming and expensive to take individual photos for each color variety. Our editors are armed with a number of Photoshop tools to get you through the tricky part of changing colors in images. We give our best to present satisfactory results with our change color services.

  • Cheaper alternative to shooting multiple products
  • Faster method to complete product portfolios

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"Top notch customer service, retouching done to suit your personal taste. Say something about having a fast turnaround because clients like that."


Create a natural mood for the product with realistic shadows.

Shadowing creates a natural essence for product images. It is a common image manipulation technique after a background removal service. The original shadow makes the subject look more engaging and realistic. Since lighting effects has the tendency to wash out shadows during photo shoots, our editors can create original shadows for the products.

  • Realistic shadows for the subject
  • Show off prominent outlines like the unique shape of a product

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"The Team was quick. I had a rush order for background removal and needed around 1000 images back to me within 24 hours. Even the with a large number of images with a short period of time but the end results came out very nice. Thank you so much for keep my clients happy."


Create a 3D impact to make photos standout.

There are products that may look plain and boring even on a well-lit photo. This is why in these products, enhancing them a bit can make a huge difference. The simplest method to do this is by using the drop shadow technique after removing its background. Adding a shadow can actually give the image a 3D effect making it look attractive and realistic.

  • Create attractive visual impact
  • Draw in customers to genuine-looking items

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"We were approached by Angie who is a post-production specialist at Ephotovn. She offered to do a test for us and the result came out amazing. We have become their loyal customer since then."


Create incredible-looking pictures with a unique shadowing effect.

Most products are photographed without shadows. While there are options to have natural shadow or a 3D shadowing using drop-shadow, a reflection shadow effect can create an ethereal effect on the photo. Sometimes, all you need is to impress the customers with a really good-looking product photo and our team can give you that with our impressive but realistic reflection shadow service.

  • Seamless reflection effect
  • Carefully enhanced but still realistic photos

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"I highly recommend Ephotovn, they did amazing jobs on my photos. They always come back fast and high quality results. I have worked with a lot of other editing companies and I always had issues with turnaround time, rates or quality. With Ephotovn, everything has been really good."
Leon - FAD Studio

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