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Basic Editing

Some real estate photos look dull because of a lot of reasons. A bad lighting, for example, will not bring out the best features of the property, such as its colors and details. A basic editing will enhance photos by making it look more alive. Our editing techniques applied for basic real estate photo editing includes:

  • Basic color adjustments
  • Contrast & light adjustments
  • White balance & exposure fixing
  • Image straightening
  • Sharpening & clarity work
  • Cropping & resizing
  • Color cast removal
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Advanced Editing

With advanced editing, the priority is to fix any unpleasant features of the photo, such as stray watering hose, unsightly trash can, dirty pool water, and others. These fixes are necessary because such eye sores are only temporary. You are after showing potential buyers how the property will look like without those hideous sights in the picture. Services applied for a advance real estate photo editing includes but not limited to:

  • Pro editing & corrections
  • Color & lighting correction
  • Flash reflection removal
  • Dust & garbage edit
  • Small objects removal
  • Windows enhancement
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Highend Retouching

A highend retouching features professional corrections where knowledge of advanced photo editing skills is required. Effectively marketing real property will involve excellent post-processing methods in transforming photos. Our highend retouching for real estate photos includes the following services:

  • Clipping/masking images
  • Removing flash shadows
  • Indoor & outdoor sky replacements
  • Blueing of water features
  • Property cleaning
  • Medium objects removal
  • Enhancement of floor tiles, wall paint, & furnitures
  • HDR high-end retouching
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Real Estate Interior

There are also photo enhancements that are specifically intended to improve the interior features of a property. Various techniques, aside from those that are done in Basic, Advanced, and Highend retouching are added to further achieve flawlessness of the photos. Services applied for our real estate interior photo editing includes but not limited to:

  • Windows enhancement/replacement
  • Spot recoloring
  • Wall repainting (if needed)
  • Wall, floor, & ground cleaning
  • Color & lighting correction
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Real Estate Exterior

Aside from the interior, the exterior features of a real estate property must also be retouched so that it will help make the property more enticing. We can change daylight to night to give emphasis on property exterior lighting. Our real estate photo editing service for exterior includes the following techniques:

  • Lawn greening & patching
  • Hue & temperature adjustment
  • Exterior lighting & garden lights addition
  • Unwanted objects removal
  • Background retouching
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast
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Why Choose Us for Real Estate Photo Editing?

Real estate photos need to look perfect because it is one of the best ways to attract buyers. It is difficult, however, to get rid of imperfections, such as bad lighting, unwanted clutter, harsh shadows, etc. That is why in this kind of industry, it is essential that a reliable real estate photo editing must be sought.

You can always rely on Ephotovn for high-quality professional images with our real estate photo editing services. We have a bunch of professional photo editors who are experts in any kind of photo retouching services. Our customer support is quick to respond for any inquiries and other communications. This is to ensure that all orders will be made according to client specifications.

Ephotovn is a cost-effective solution for quality real estate photo editing needs. Kindly reach us for further queries and let us discuss how we can help with your project.

real estate photo editing sample
real estate photo editing sample
real estate photo editing sample
real estate photo editing sample
real estate photo editing sample

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