Simple Ghost Mannequin

Some online sellers sell items for either the upper or lower body, but not necessarily a whole outfit. You may need to show only the shirt, blouse, pants, or shorts and no other garment will be shown either above or below the waist. A simple invisible mannequin service will show the arms and neck area of the items as if there is a ghost wearing them. Our ghost mannequin service includes:

  • Clipping path
  • Adding natural shadows
  • Accentuating the product detail
  • Removing the background
  • Joining multiple images
  • Neck joint service
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Full Product Editing

If you are going to show the entire body or a complete set of outfit, like a suit, then the invisible mannequin effects that should be applied for both top and bottom parts. Our ghost mannequin service for full product includes:

  • Clipping path
  • Blending & shading
  • Rendering your images
  • Removing the background
  • Removing wrinkles & folds
  • Image cropping, resizing & straightening
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Custom Editing

There are rare projects that come along where people request for a ghost mannequin to wear jewelry, scarfs, or other small objects. This would be outside the scope of “full product work” because this involves more than just clothes. Anytime accessories are added to the ghost mannequin, then you will need to purchase the custom category for ghost mannequin services.

  • Clipping path & image masking
  • 360-degree mannequin effects
  • Sleeves mannequin effect
  • Bottom joint ghost mannequin effect
  • Neck joint ghost mannequin effect
  • Combining multiple image
  • Will depend on the client’s special requirements
"I am so happy that we discovered Ephotovn. They have been a big help for our company. Whenever we need help with editing, they are always there to take care of it."
Manuela Braun - Photographer at Dress for Less

Undergarments Ghost Mannequin

Although shooting bikini or lingerie on a mannequin can be fiddly because it has intricate laces and detailing that is hard to adjust on a mannequin. Yet, it looks more professional to present those undergarments dynamically in ghost mannequin effect. This may require expert photo editing skills to achieve the desired results. Our ghost mannequin service for undergarments includes:

  • Clipping path
  • Blending the texture & color
  • Enhancing the product
  • Laying emphasis
  • Eliminating image distractions
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Why Choose Us for Ghost Mannequin?

Ghost mannequin photography is simply taking photos of a garment using a mannequin. The only thing that makes it unique is that after post-processing of the photos, the mannequin is removed, hence the name, ghost or invisible mannequin.

Between a traditional mannequin and invisible mannequin, marketing the garment is more effective when using the latter. The hollow-man effect removes unnecessary elements like the mannequin’s head and limbs. Some people get distracted with mannequins and increase the tendency to disregard the product. This means losing potential sales in the process. An invisible ghost mannequin also allows you to show obscured details like the collar part, the brand logo, and even the hemlines.

Ephotovn is one of the few handfuls of photo editing companies who take the job seriously. We care about our reputation so we always ensure that every client is taken care of. We offer ghost mannequin services in the hope of helping companies in achieving their marketing goals. Our team of expert photo editors will always deliver high-quality invisible mannequin effects using Photoshop.

Ephotovn offers a range of image editing services including the invisible mannequin technique. Send us a message today and we will be quick with our response to discuss your order.

Top Ghost Mannequin Effect
Short Ghost Mannequin Effect
Ghost Mannequin Effect
Ghost Mannequin Effect
Ghost Mannequin Effect
Sleeve Ghost Mannequin Effect

How we work

1. Send us 1 test image & your editing requirements. We will get back to you with the result and the price quote within 24 hours.

2. If you are satisfied with the result and agreed on the price offered per image, you can now start sending us your orders via email.

3. Upload your photos for editing through GoogleDrive, WeTransfer or Dropbox, send us the link and we will work with it accordingly.

4. Send your payment. Get the photo orders back within 24 hours and begin using them right away. We also offer free revision.

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