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Glamour / Beauty

Unlike portraits, glamour or beauty retouching is leaning towards perfection. These images are usually used for magazines, portfolios, and other editorial uses. Since this kind of retouching is for achieving ethereal-looking photos, the techniques used are really intended for high-end retouching.

Aside from enhancing the subject, there is a need to make the model look as perfect as possible without overdoing it. There may be a need to use several techniques to create flawless skin, remove eyebags, add or correct make-up, and even change the shape of the face to make it look more appealing.

  • Make-up correction
  • Double chin removal/face reshaping
"Top notch customer service, retouching done to suit your personal taste. Say something about having a fast turnaround because clients like that."
Davide Anderson - Photographer from NY (

Fashion Digital Retouch

The world of fashion is constantly evolving. You should not be surprised if you will see unconventional makeup using bold colors. When it comes to editing photos for fashion, our editors are well-aware of the need to have stunning photos. We are experts at bringing out exactly how you would like the photos to turn out. We will edit the light, adjust the colors, edit the background, sculpt the model’s shape, removing blemishes, and more.

  • Background enhancement/removal
  • Color Correction
"Ephotovn handles all of my retouching. My standard for my portraiture is very high and they have worked with me continuously to make sure I am happy with the results they deliver. Their correspondence is always reliable, and their turnover time is incredibly fast. I can always count on Ephotovn to come through for me! I highly recommend!"
Sam Interrance (

Hair, Skin & Body

Beauty retouching sometimes require specific enhancements for the hair, skin, and body. It is integral that the specifications of the client are met in order to come up with images that are required for a specific purpose. For example, if the client is going to use the photos for skin products, then it is essential that the skin should look flawless. Photos for shampoo and other hair products can do well with fixing the stray hair, adding volume and shine. For models that need to look fit and fab, we can digitally remove excess flabs and even add definition so that the muscles look tamed.

Our skilled editors are aware about the modern techniques in making the skin blemish-free, digitally tame unruly hair, and contour the body to look as fit as possible.

  • Skin smoothening
  • Body contouring
We've been working with Ephotovn for almost a year now and we're very happy with their provided services. Our account manager Angie Nguyen is very responsive, delivers work super-fast and of perfect quality. In general we receive a responsive within max 5 min (no joke!) and the work we ask for is delivered in such a speedy manner. We recommend anyone in need of photoshop services to work with Ephotovn. Thank you so much for making our lives easier!
- Dominique Neijts (

Retouch For Magazines

Magazines, especially fashion ones, demand the best quality photos before getting published. Thousands of people are going to see the photos so it is essential for retouchers to be professional at all times in doing the necessary edits. High-end retouching for magazines requires perfect attention to details. Advanced photo techniques are used to creatively enhanced the photos. We may use glamour photo editing techniques, along with expert portrait retouching, as well as dramatic photo editing so that an elegant-looking result is achieved.

  • Clearing Complexion
  • HDR photo editing
“I’ve been working with Ephotovn for almost two years now and I’m totally satisfied. I’m very, very picky and my expectations are very high when it comes to retouching and they meet my needs all the time. The Service is very personalized (love working with Quynh), the turnaround time is very quick.”
Stéphane Audet (

Retouch For Advertising

Photo editing for advertising is as equally important as any other kinds of high-end photo editing services. Commercial photos, or those that are used for e-commerce sites, must be eye-catching, detailed, and creates a positive impression to the viewer. Our expert photo editors can help you achieve these goals with the use of our specialized editing techniques.

Commercial images benefit the most from quality background removal since it is important to keep the focus directed towards the subject. The final picture should also resemble the actual product as much as possible to avoid having disappointed reactions from the customers.

  • Professional background removal
  • Realistic and highly-detailed images
"I highly recommend Ephotovn, they did amazing jobs on my photos. They always come back fast and high quality results. I have worked with a lot of other editing companies and I always had issues with turnaround time, rates or quality. With Ephotovn, everything has been really good."
Leon - FAD Studio

Dramatic Retouch

There are instances where the “less is more” principle does not apply. Theater actors, for example, need to have exaggerated photos for their portfolios in order to show their versatility in doing different roles. This is why our team also offers dramatic photo retouching, as needed by the clients.

We are happy to say that with our expertise, we can achieve whatever dramatic effects that you would like to be applied on your photos. We can digitally apply outrageous makeup, apply out-of-this-world effects, and other artistic enhancements that you can think of.

  • Digital make-up application
  • Customized photo enhancements
"Jessica and her team have been an amazing asset to our production line, helping us to both save money and reach our deadlines faster. Nothing is too hard for the team to carry out. If you want to 10x your production, get in touch with them!"
Alex Jones - Headshots & Real Estate Photographer, London

High-end Portrait Retouch

Our excellent portrait retouching service can make plain-looking portraits look professional. Our techniques can make the photos look better by manipulating the colors, removing unexpected distractions, and generally enhancing the photo to look outstanding but still genuine. Our experts will perform different techniques, including skin smoothening, teeth whitening, correcting skin perfections, and many more.

  • Natural skin retouching
  • Spots, wrinkles, and blemish removal
"I was very impressed with Ephotovn’s quality and fast service. They are quick to respond and deliver perfect quality of work. I will use them from now on."

HDR Image Retouch

HDR blending is one of our specialties at Ephotovn. We understand how some clients would like to have all the important details in their photos. Real estate photos are the best examples where HDR photos are absolutely necessary. It can be difficult to come up with HDR photos so you need the best partner to do it for you.

With our HDR photo retouching services, we can blend all the important factors that affect how the final photo looks. We can adjust the tones, temperatures, white levels, exposures, etc., to produce stunning HDR photos.

  • Cost-effective
  • Flawless blending
"Glad to have come across this company. Quality work and very fast turnaround. Will sure to keep using them for future projects."
Alistair Delgado - Party Favor Photo

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