Category: Photography Tips

Category: Photography Tips

5 Etsy Product Photography Tips for More Sales

Jenny Pasco January 21,2020

Among lots of product photography tips, one that you can actually use on an Etsy shop is treating the homepage as if it is your storefront. This means that you have to develop your branding and have a cohesive design from the icon down to the profile and banner photos. When it comes to product


10 Strategies to Monetize Your Photography Business – Pricing, SEO & Entrepreneurship

Lei Plameras January 14,2020

Have you ever searched for photography business tips about monetizing your photography? Then you are not alone! In fact, many aspiring photographers are doing the same thing, you know, scouring blog after blog for photography business tips that can eventually teach them how to make money out of doing what they love. Well, unlike photo


12 Best Photo Editing Software for Professional Photographers

Lei Plameras January 5,2020

Becoming a professional photographer is no easy task. First, you need to invest on your gear. A good camera does not come cheap and so are the accessories that go with it. Then, you need to hone your skills. Using a photo editing software is a must. Take plenty of photos in order to develop


5 Important Tips on How to Expand Your Photography Business

Jenny Pasco December 31,2019

Most photographers are driven to transform their passion into a career or business.This is because of their desire to showcase their skills and to help people in preserving their most precious life’s moments through photographs. If you are one of these photographers who have a photography studio or you plan to start one up, it


7 DIY Tips for Effective Furniture Product Photography

Yen December 29,2019

Furniture product photography uses specific techniques that will showcase different kinds of furniture in an attractive way. When you get to produce enticing product photos, you get higher chances of making potential buyers complete a purchase. Remember that despite how sophisticated your website is or how sturdy the furniture you sell is, the visitors are


6 Advanced Image Post-Processing Mistakes Photographers Don’t Want to Make

Jenny Pasco December 28,2019

We talked about post-processing mistakes that are usually made by newbies, but those who are not using post-processing the right way are beyond beginners. Experienced photographers equally experience tough times with it, even though they tend to struggle a little differently. Let’s look at the 6 most common advanced post-processing mistakes: 1. Adding too Many


Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Niche for Photography Business

Jenny Pasco December 26,2019

As long as it has to do with photography, we sometimes burden ourselves with the thought of being perfect in every branch of photography. Photography is like using light to paint, so there are zero reasons why we cannot do astrophotography, newborn photography, family portraits, weddings, food, and landscape photography, right? After all, the light


Product Photography Tips – 5 Practical Steps in Shooting for Hat Images [DIY]

Yen December 25,2019

High-quality e-commerce photography is essential for selling apparel online. A lot of customers rely on product photos to determine the quality of each item. This is why you need the aid of essential product photography tips in order to get everything right, especially if you going to do a DIY photoshoot. To begin with, product


6 Image Post-Processing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make as a Beginner Photographer

Lei Plameras December 24,2019

Post-processing or simply photo enhancement happens to be a significant aspect of today’s digital photography era. It’s very possible that you already carry out one form of processing or another on your images. Hundred images are enhanced daily so there can be a handful of image post-processing mistakes that could happen. You should know what


Affordable and Reliable Photo Editing for Product Photographers and Studios

Lei Plameras December 23,2019

Inexpensive and dependable photo editing services is the best solution for studios and product photographers. Product photography primarily impacts the manner in which customer view the brand of your company and your products. If you make use of high-grade images and expert photo editing: People perceive your product to be higher in value. This way,



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