Through the Lens: Inspiring Stories of Portrait Photographers

Jenn Pereira May 15,2020
Portrait Photographers - Cover

Portrait photography is all about people. It is an art that captures moments that perfectly portrays the subjects’ characters and emotions. It is more than just creating a technically perfect composition, but it also requires to turn a normal shot to an extraordinarily heartfelt one. This type of photography is one of the most popular

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Through the Lens: Expert Tips From Newborn Photographers

Jenn Pereira April 25,2020
Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn photographers are one of a kind. They devote themselves to capturing adorable moments of babies in their early weeks for parents to have something to remember by. This photography genre is enjoyable but also extremely challenging given the fragile state of the subject. Since babies are delicate and surprisingly unpredictable, a lot of preparations,

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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: 8 Ways for Photographers to Be Productive at Home

Jenn Pereira April 17,2020

Over the past weeks, many industries were put on hold because of COVID-19. The pandemic that has placed the world on a standstill is getting worse and a lot of people are affected. The majority of businesses from almost all over the world have been on a halt and workday schedules have turned upside down.

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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: Infecting Positivity and Extending Valuable Tips for Photographers

Jenn Pereira April 16,2020

Year 2020. It’s not even half a year yet but too many unexpected events have already happened. From Amazon Fire late last year to bushfires in Australia this year, US striking attack in Iraq, the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant and now, it seems that the world is on a standstill because of the Coronavirus

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10 Valuable Tips on Outsourcing Photo Editing to Grow Your Business

Lyn Pasco April 12,2020
Outsourcing Photo Editing

If you are trying to grow your business, whether offline or otherwise, you already know how photos are essential in marketing products and services. One of the best-kept secrets in the industry about handling product images is to outsource photography editing. Instead of having the marketing team to hire a photo editor or photo retoucher

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Portrait Photography – A Complete Guide for Portrait Photographers

Lyn Pasco March 19,2020

As one of the most popular genres in photography, many aspiring photographers are considering portrait photography as a good place to start for a rewarding career. Table of Contents What is Portrait Photography? Introduction to Portrait Photography FAQs about Portrait Photography Be Inspired by These Incredible Portrait Photos Types of Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Tips

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What is Enough When it Comes to Retouching Photos?

Lyn Pasco March 13,2020
How Much is Too Much Retouching

In this world where retouching photos has become a norm, a lot of people are interested as to how real do photos on both the internet and magazines are since they either look too perfect and too natural to be true. Everyone is at awe over how models seem to have glass skins even without

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Newborn Photography: A Complete Guide for Newborn Photographers

Lyn Pasco March 7,2020
Newborn Photography

Newborn photo shoot is popular these days and it is proving to be a great business opportunity for budding photographers. We want to help you become a professional newborn photographer so here’s a handy guide to help you start out in this fun and rewarding work of newborn photography. Table of Contents What is Newborn

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10 Popular Newborn Photographers to Follow in Instagram for Inspiration

Lyn Pasco February 25,2020

Looking at newborn photos, most people would be overcome with the feeling of joy seeing a little bundle of joy so calm and cute. What they do not see is the hard work behind those magical photos. You see, newborn photography is undoubtedly one of the most complex, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking kinds of photo shoots.

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10 Best Portrait Photographers on Instagram to Follow for Inspiration

Lei Plameras February 22,2020
Portrait Photographers on Instagram

There are many types of photography and one of the most popular and generally used ones is portrait photography. Portrait photographers aim to capture not only the person but also the personality, character, or emotions that any person wishes to portray. To become a successful photographer, one of the skills that you have to master

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