Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service

Lyn Pasco April 17,2020

Photos that bring products to life are important if you want to generate more sales. Fashion retailers abide by this which is why they have real people wearing their products. The problem with a live model, however, is that hiring them can be expensive. The cost of a photo shoot also can be high since

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10 Valuable Tips on Outsourcing Photo Editing to Grow Your Business

Lyn Pasco April 12,2020
Outsourcing Photo Editing

If you are trying to grow your business, whether offline or otherwise, you already know how photos are essential in marketing products and services. One of the best-kept secrets in the industry about handling product images is to outsource photography editing. Instead of having the marketing team to hire a photo editor or photo retoucher

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Editing Photos – A Must for Professional Photographers

Lyn Pasco April 6,2020

Seasoned photographers are famed for their masterful photos. Even without technical knowledge in photography, anyone can appreciate how photos turn out looking both professional and creative. It is no secret, however, that the greatest photographs have had some kind of tweaking before actually looking awesome. Editing photos might be a touchy subject among photographers but

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Image Color Correction Service

Lyn Pasco March 18,2020
Image Color Correction Service

An incredible photo does not happen in an instant. As a photographer, you are aware that taking photos is only half of the work involved in photography. The other half is spent on doing the post-processing of images. This basically means that photos need to be edited before they become final. Whether you are the

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How To Properly Retouch Newborn Photos in Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

Lei Plameras March 18,2020

 It is such a significant and joyous moment welcoming the birth of a baby into this world. And it’s always a good idea to capture the baby’s first precious moments in the first few days of his life. To keep the newborn photos as a memoir and a sign of celebration to share with

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Image Background Removal Services

Lyn Pasco March 5,2020
httpbackground removal service

There are many reasons why you may need to remove background from an image. The main and most obvious reason is to increase the aesthetic value of an image. Separating a photo from its background also lets you open up new potentials for your photos. You can easily incorporate other Photoshop effects to make them

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Photoshop Image Masking Services

Lyn Pasco March 2,2020
Image Masking Service

Whether for print or digital use, photos need to look crisp, detailed, and clear in order to be attractive. This is specifically true to the online retail industry where consumers are very particular with what they see on the website. The only way to make them patronize products is when they are able to see

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How Much Does Headshot Photo Retouching Service Costs?

Lyn Pasco February 20,2020

Headshots are special because they intend to express a character. Actors and models use headshots to promote their facial features in order to entice potential employers, such as casting directors and talent agents. Technically, it is an audition tool that can help launch a career or land a role. This is where a headshot photo

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Professional Model Photo Retouching Service at Your Budget

Lyn Pasco February 19,2020

What is Model Photography? Model photography is a kind of shoot that is generally used for the fashion industry. A model is used as the main subject of the photo and is photographed either on location or in a photo studio. In this context, model photography refers to the photos taken for a model’s portfolio.

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What is Theatrical Headshots and Why is it Different from Commercial Headshots

Lyn Pasco February 17,2020

While it is not a vanity piece, a headshot should be treated with extra care as it effectively does one thing. That is to make the actor look interesting enough to make the casting director believe that he or she is fit for a specific role. A great headshot can be a ticket for being

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