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How Much Does Headshot Photo Retouching Service Costs?

by Lyn Pasco February 20,2020 1180 Views

Headshots are special because they intend to express a character. Actors and models use headshots to promote their facial features in order to entice potential employers, such as casting directors and talent agents. Technically, it is an audition tool that can help launch a career or land a role.

Headshot Photo Retouching Service

This is where a headshot photo retouching service could be of assistance. Digital photo retouching will help make headshots a good representation of an actor, a job applicant or any individual. Unlike portrait retouching, headshot retouching demands expert photo retouching techniques to make the person look flawless but still naturally and legitimately as himself. This means that unlike portraits where having perfect skin is acceptable, a headshot retouching service will ensure that the subject will have a great picture that will show unaltered authentic features of a person, such as a mole or a scar for example.

Major Editing for Headshot Photo Retouching Service

A digital headshot photo retouching service consists of photo editing techniques that are intended to enhance the following features:

  • Eyes: In order to create expressive-looking eyes, the white parts of the eyes should look white but not too much. The red-eye effect must be fixed so that the center part shows the natural eye color and it must be sharpened to make it look alive.
  • Skin: For the skin, it should be blemish-free but natural skin texture must be maintained. It is acceptable to reduce moles, freckles, wrinkles, dark circles, veins, pimples, and other imperfections but not too much that it will create a huge difference in the original photo.
  • Mouth and Lips: The mouth is also an expressive facial feature. The teeth must have a healthy gleam to it and not just whitened. The lips should be free from any lipstick smudge and should be healthy-looking: not pale or too dark.
  • Body: Certain imperfections from the neck down to the body sometimes look distracting in photos. Double chins, armpit wrinkles, and even wrinkled clothing can be reduced to minimize the distraction. Making the subject look thinner or bigger or any body parts can also be done if there is a need to do so.

Our Range of Best Headshot Retouching Services & Pricing

Ephotovn has a range of expert headshot photo retouching service to help many professionals who want to create a remarkable portfolio.


Portrait photographers normally need assistance in editing their photos. Our basic headshot photo retouching is an efficient way to remove blemishes, fix stray hair, whiten teeth and eyes, remove eye bags, straighten photos, and removal of small distractions.

Basic Headshot Photo Retouching Service


Our advanced headshot retouching service is intended for more complex headshot editing needs. The complexity that a photo may fall under differs. It usually depends on what type of headshots it is. For example, theatrical headshots will require more effects than professional corporate headshots. With an advanced retouching, a combination of several photo editing techniques is used in order to come up with pleasing results. It may include correcting highlights and shadows, leveling the brightness and contrast, balancing colors and tones, image isolation, background removal, and more.

Advanced Headshot Photo Retouching Service

Headshot Retouching According to Different Headshot Types

The best headshots are those that instantly convey the model’s personality. To be able to make headshot photos effective, Ephotovn has exceptional headshot retouching service techniques intended for specific types of headshots.


Choosing the right model creates a huge impact over the course of any advertising campaign. Headshots that are intended for commercial purposes should make the model look warm, friendly, and trustworthy. The perfect retouch is one that will make the model look attractive with a bright smile, sparkling eyes, and no distracting element in the photo. This can be achieved by using several techniques including but not limited to teeth whitening, brightening the eyes, skin smoothening, and removing or changing of background.

Headshot Photo Retouching Service


Apart from excellent acting skills, theatre actors who are auditioning for an elaborate play should have headshots that show perfectly made-up faces. This is influenced and enhanced by the correct lighting. If it is for a serious character, then the lights should be a bit dark to convey a serious tone. Brighter lighting, however, should be used for a cheerful role or character. An effective theatrical/legit headshot can be achieved by taking into consideration the role that must be played and use appropriate editing techniques to achieve them. Using appropriate makeup, lighting, and backdrop are essential in creating a dramatic picture that will encourage the casting director to hire the actor.

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For business and corporate headshots, the goal is to evoke a trustworthy and confident presence. The images should look as natural as possible because the potential job is most probably be based on the actual appearance aside from the person’s credentials. A professional headshot should be achieved by giving the photo a neutral background, perfect lighting, and understated makeup. An expert retouching for this type of headshot is done using background removal/changing, minimal skin enhancing, and adding subtle digital makeup.

Model Actor-Headshot Photo Retouching Service


Perhaps the best characteristic that an actor must possess is versatility. He or she must be able to portray in the headshots or image portfolio that he or she is fit for the role that is being applied for. An actor’s headshot is the only way to show off the type of personality that is perfect for the role. Models, on the other hand, are always stereotyped to be perfect. This is normal because they are hired to portray perfection. You cannot expect a model to have headshots that show off their imperfections, unless that is what he or she is selling. Model headshots, therefore, must be edited to show flawless skin by removing zits, bruises, and skin redness. Permanent “imperfections” or “characteristics” like freckles, scars and moles are not completely removed but only reduced in order not to look distracting.

Our Headshot Retouching Samples

Here are some examples of our expert headshot photo retouching:

Headshot Photo Retouching

Headshot Photo Retouching

Headshot Photo Retouching

Basically, how much it is going to cost for a headshot photo retouch service will depend on the type of headshot. Ephotovn offers professional headshot retouching using the best techniques in order to help you achieve effective headshots.

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