Photo Editing: One of the Tech Careers That Do Not Require a Tech Degree

Jenn Pereira November 20,2020
Photo Editing Career

Everyone has experienced the disappointment of not being able to apply for the desired job due to a lack of skills needed. This is especially tedious when they require a bachelor’s degree and you don’t have one. However, you should know that this has changed in recent years. Most companies in several industries have ditched

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The Importance of Real Estate Photo Editing

Yen April 28,2020
real estate photo editing - cover01

Real estate photo editing is one of the most important steps in real estate advertising. Like in any other industry, having a good visual presentation is a must and always affects the success of every marketing strategy. Believe it or not, the real estate market is a competitive field, and finding local buyers isn’t enough.

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10 Valuable Tips on Outsourcing Photo Editing to Grow Your Business

Lyn Pasco April 12,2020
Outsourcing Photo Editing

If you are trying to grow your business, whether offline or otherwise, you already know how photos are essential in marketing products and services. One of the best-kept secrets in the industry about handling product images is to outsource photography editing. Instead of having the marketing team to hire a photo editor or photo retoucher

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Editing Photos – A Must for Professional Photographers

Lyn Pasco April 6,2020

Seasoned photographers are famed for their masterful photos. Even without technical knowledge in photography, anyone can appreciate how photos turn out looking both professional and creative. It is no secret, however, that the greatest photographs have had some kind of tweaking before actually looking awesome. Editing photos might be a touchy subject among photographers but

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