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The Importance of Real Estate Photo Editing

by Yen April 28,2020 3339 Views

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Real estate photo editing is one of the most important steps in real estate advertising. Like in any other industry, having a good visual presentation is a must and always affects the success of every marketing strategy. Believe it or not, the real estate market is a competitive field, and finding local buyers isn’t enough. In this age of digital technology, having buyers travel all the time to check the property is just not efficient.

Brochures, portfolios, virtual tours… These are the solutions to an effective real estate marketing strategy.

But before anything…

What is a Real Estate?

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Real estate is a general term related to the buying and selling of properties, lands, buildings, and air and underground rights.

Typically, there are four categories where which real estate falls:

  • First is the residential estate for both the construction of new homes or the reselling of old ones
  • The second type is commercial real estate that includes shopping centers, hotels, offices, and even medical and educational buildings.
  • The third one is industrial real estate that refers to buildings that are in the manufacturing industry, including warehouses.
  • The last category is the lands that refer to vacant lands, farms, and ranches.

To make it easier to understand, real estate is all about tangible assets. The industry revolves around gaining the right to use and enjoy these real properties and the improvements that accompany them. Basically, the land and everything on it, such as buildings, natural resources, and the flora and fauna around are considered real estate.

Many people are interested in the real estate business because it offers a predictable income stream, especially with commercial real estate. Many people are on the lookout to owning their own properties so one can safely assume that business is always good when it comes to real properties. Where there is good business, there is always a tough competition. This is primarily the reason why those who engage in the real estate industry must be efficient at getting the upper hand in the game.

How Does Real Estate Photo Editing Help?

real estate photo editing

The best real estate photos do not just magically appear out of nowhere. Capturing real property images is just the first step but the most important part is the post-processing techniques afterward. No matter how good the camera is or how talented the photographer you hired for the job, all the images may need to undergo a real estate photo retouching before they can entice potential clients.

Basically, real estate photos are prepped by the following photo editing services:

1. Adjusting Colors, Exposure, Etc.

Pictures do not come out perfect every single time. There are many factors that can affect the photo quality, especially its clarity. This is where adjustments of colors, exposure, and other photo elements are necessary in order to make photos presentable.

These adjustments are also necessary to correct misrepresentation errors that are often involved with selling properties online. This usually happens when the quality affects the photo too much that it does not correctly show what the actual property looks like in person. By applying the adjustments, real estate brokers are able to present a realistic image of the property, building a trusting relationship with potential buyers.

2. Removing Imperfections

Selling real estate properties is all about putting the best foot forward. In this case, imperfections that are normally out of the picture can be fixed with a simple real estate photo editing. For example, objects like brooms, trash, or a water hose must not be present in the photos. The photographer may be too preoccupied at finishing the task that removing those items is not a priority. To a potential buyer, those items will just look rubbish and may create a negative impression of the property.

These imperfections are easily removed using Photoshop and other photo editing applications. It is not necessary to freak out after seeing such unsightly objects because expert photo retouchers can get rid of them fast.

3. Emphasizing the Property’s Selling Point

Just like when selling other kinds of merchandise, it is a must that you show the selling points of a property that you are to sell. An expert photo retoucher can do it in a variety of ways including making the photos appear sophisticated, with a focus on enhancing the unique selling points.

The expansive backyard, the spacious master’s bedroom, the amazing garden view, or the big kitchen and living room are just examples of a property’s selling point. They should be presented with prominence so that you are able to develop a sense of anticipation for the buyer.

4. Removing/Adding Details

Details also matter in closing deals in the real estate industry. Oftentimes, homes, or building spaces are being sold bare. Instead of just showing photos that display the area as is, real estate photo editors can add details that will create a certain character on the property. For example, an unlit fireplace will make the room more appealing with a fire in it. Lush grass will look more inviting instead of a bare lawn. Interior and exterior shots will look better with the unique details that are either added or removed from the photos.

5. Removing Flash Shadows

Camera flash helps lit up a picture but it also creates annoying shadows. Do not let those shadows destroy a perfect property photo. They can be removed using special Photoshop techniques in mere seconds.

Replacing Indoor & Outdoor Sky- Aside from the interior and exterior details of a property, it is also a great method of adding character by replacing the indoor and outdoor sky views. This technique gives potential buyers a way to visualize what the view might be once they purchase the property. Again, building on their anticipation will be most beneficial to you since it gets them more excited to close the deal.

How Ephotovn Helps with Professional Real Estate Photo Editing

Ephotovn has worked for years in boosting marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. Property photos play a huge role in painting the best representation of your image in the industry. With our expert real estate photo editing services, you can attract more buyers to check on what you can offer. Your photos will have a better quality which you can use to attract buyers.

Outsource Ephotovn to Help You in Your Real Estate Advertising

If you want vibrant and high-quality photos for naturally edited properties, then outsource your real estate photo editing needs with Ephotovn. Our dedicated real estate photo retouching experts are always ready to discuss the specific services that you will need.

Give us a call or reach us through our contacts page to learn more about our exceptional real estate photo editing services today!

Our Real Estate Photo Editing Services

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