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10 Valuable Tips on Outsourcing Photo Editing to Grow Your Business

by Lyn Pasco April 12,2020 2644 Views

Outsourcing Photography Editing
If you are trying to grow your business, whether offline or otherwise, you already know how photos are essential in marketing products and services. One of the best-kept secrets in the industry about handling product images is to outsource photography editing. Instead of having the marketing team to hire a photo editor or photo retoucher for your photo editing and retouching needs, a wiser move is outsourcing photo editing services that can be tailored-fit to your company’s needs.

Choosing a professional photo editing services provider can be tricky since it will somehow help dictate the success of any marketing efforts. Hence it is essential that you are able to choose well if you are to outsource photography editing for your business.

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These 10 valuable tips will be of great value as you separate professional photo editing services provider from the fly-by-night types:

1. Determine your photo editing needs

What is great when outsourcing for a photo editing service is that you can actually be very particular about what needs to be done. If you already have a marketing team to start with, you can determine which tasks are to be done by the team members and which ones are to be delegated to a third-party services provider, in this case, is the photo editing company. This can save you time, effort, and resources because you can maximize the strengths of your team, making them more efficient at what they do best.

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2. Collaborate with the photo editing team

A professional photo editor knows how to follow specific instructions very well and will stick to them in order to please the client. You must be very clear about the exact photo editing style that you need for the photos. This step is very important because you do not want to end up having photos that you cannot use.

Photo Editing Company

You may even ask the photo editor to voice out his or her opinions that may help improve the concept that you have. Since most of the work is done by the photo editors, you must think of them as part of the team. This is the best way to create a healthy relationship that can be beneficial to your business since ideas will not clash but instead flourish.

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3. Minimize costs by adding retouching to the price model

Aside from branding and marketing purposes, one of the industries that need to outsource photography editing is the photographers themselves. For most photographers, they cannot afford to lose clients just because they are burdened with the post-processing of photos. They value time more than anything else thus the need to have other professionals to mind the photo editing and photo retouching of their shots.

A commercial photographer earns depending on the number of clients so some would contemplate hiring someone else to edit the photos because of the costs. The best solution is to incorporate the costs of photo retouching services to the project price quote. Photographers often offer their services in packages and it is perfectly fine to add in the price for the extra work that needs to be done after the photoshoot. The only difference is that you will have someone else do the work for you so you can focus on more important matters first, such as having another client.

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4. Outsource clipping path and compositing

One of the most important parts of the photo editing process is the extraction of image elements. This would allow more creative room in working images. Basically, clipping path and compositing are two Photoshop skills that would take time and a lot of practice to master. For product images that only need minimal edits but must be clipped and pictures that must be done by making a composite, the most sensible option is to outsource it. Professional retouchers are so adept at these tasks that it would take only minutes for them to complete an otherwise intricate and time-consuming job to an untrained individual.

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5. Outsource for frequency separation and portraiture retouching

There are photography genres that are very particular in how the skin looks. Examples include portraiture, glamour, and boudoir photography. Remember that you can only succeed in this style by having the best results. Poor attempts to do the perfect frequency separation can destroy a photographer’s reputation. Make photos look more professionally-done by the help of photo editors who have expertise in such style.

6. You can perform the fine-tuning of photos later on.

Remember the part about collaborating with the photo editor? You can make it more effective by determining which work you can do in order to save time and money. When you outsource photography editing, you are paying the editor according to the kind of work to be done for your photos. Doing what you can to improve the photos after outsourcing for basic edits means that you do not have to pay as much to the editor.

7. Improve turnaround time with outsourcing

Clients are always excited to see the final photos after a photoshoot. If you do not have the time to do the extra mile of editing the photos right after every session, then outsourcing is the best idea. Impress the clients with a faster turnaround time so that the level of excitement is still at its peak. This can eventually help you since clients will most likely look for your services in the future and might even make recommendations even without you asking for such.

8. Find the best retouchers

Since social media platforms are plenty; use it to your advantage by looking for groups and communities where photographers often hang out. The photographic community can help you out with recommendations and advice on which company to hire for photo editing services. Aside from introducing you to photo editing companies, some of these groups may even offer free coaching on certain photography styles. This will help you develop your own style and discover some new interesting ones.

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9. Outsource to focus on your shooting skills

You are in the photography business because it is your passion to take photos. Just like other industries, your skills become your foundation in the success of this kind of business. If you are going to focus on honing skills and knowledge about photography, then you will have better chances of getting more projects. Editing photos behind a computer is a major setback if you are planning to sharpen up on your shooting skills. Some photographers also find editing to be too much work and stressful, especially when backlogs are piling up.

Instead of getting too worked up with the editing needs, you can outsource the post-processing to allow you to focus on what you love to do. This will also give you more time to accept more projects. More clients do not only mean more earnings but also more chances of learning other facets of photography.

10. Let go of perfection

It is a given that you are going to expect for high-quality output when outsourcing for photography editing. This is perfectly normal since you also get emotionally attached to your photos and you want it to be at its best. As a photographer, however, you also need to learn when to let go of perfectionism. Set creative expectations that are not too high in order not to be stressed out later on. Outsourcing can only be effective if you are able to communicate what you want to be done effectively. If you do not want sloppy results, be keen at giving clear instructions, and set your expectations with the editor.

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Ephotovn as Your Photo Editing Partner

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Outsourcing Photo Editing

We have established our name in the industry for being very particular in achieving client satisfaction. The secret is that with Ephotovn, our team is very collaborative with the client. We offer free revisions until our clients are happy and satisfied. We see to it that everything is discussed, style-wise, before commencing on the project. Our expert photo editors have spent years in perfecting their skills to the point that any photography editing style can be achieved without any problem.

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