Outsourcing Photo Editing & Retouching – Freelancers Vs. Partnering With Photo Editing Company

Lei Plameras January 13,2020

Outsourcing photo editing for the first time can be crucial. This is common if you are in an industry where photos play a great role in influencing customers. E-commerce sites are one of those who use this services. They mainly supply and use plenty of photos, particularly product photos. This keeps the business running.

By outsourcing photo editing, you get to reap the benefits of having other people do the necessary photo editing for your product photos. Most photo retouching services is complete with professional quality standards. Clipping path, background removal, and other significant photo retouching methods are carried out.

As a company, you are able to focus on making the business grow once you outsource photo editing services. You will best appreciate it if you are meeting aggressive deadlines. Trying to be cost-efficient by not having an in-house photo editor on board your marketing team is a thumbs down.

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Whether you are an online business owner or a budding photographer, outsourcing photo editing can do you better. Outsourcing takes a huge load off your shoulders. The question now is who to choose between a freelance photo editor and a photo editing company.

Highlights and Challenges. Below are the the pros and cons for both a freelance photo retoucher and an established photo editing company that you must be aware about.

1. Reliability

An experienced freelance editor may be committed to a lot of clients. This fact should be factored in since it may affect the quality of the output. Editing photos should not be done in a hurry because every detail should be looked into. It is important that an editor allot enough time to edit photos and should not feel like rushed into finishing each order. Unless you are sure that you are the only client that the freelancer have, you really need to prepare for the worst. A backup plan of either another freelancer or a company to help you out is necessary.

Outsourcing photo editing with a company, however, is more reliable. Since, there are many professional editors who can take part in editing hundreds of photos every day. This means that they do not have the need to rush on their work. And can focus on perfecting their skills and workmanship. Furthermore, working with a company, can assure you of better security features. Because they can afford to pay for extra measures to keep the photo exchanges safe.

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2. Time and Scalability

Freelancers may seem the best option at first because they have all the time in the world to work on projects. This is, however, a double-edged sword. It could also mean that they can get to comfortable with the same thought that they tend to accept more orders than they can actually manage. They are paid according to the work they finish, so you cannot blame them for wanting to work for more projects.

On the other hand, when outsourcing photo editing needs from a company is different. They are strict when it comes to accepting orders. In most companies, they have teams who work in a shifting schedule so every time zone is covered. This also means that your company can grow with them. As you need more photos for your growing e-commerce website, you grow too. You never have to worry about increasing the bulk of orders. Since there are typically over a hundred of people in the team to work on them.

3. Cost and Efficiency

One of the first things you should consider when having photos edited is your budget. Does your current workforce handle the task or do you need one person or more for the workload? If you are going to compute the cost of outsourcing photo editing, it is definitely cheaper compared to having an in-house photo editor. You can appreciate this by observing how your e-commerce site is built. Notice that there are times that you do not need as much photos and there are also times where you need plenty of them. This variation in your photo needs is an indication that you should not have a full-time employee to work on a seasonal job.

Both freelancers and editing companies charge by the bulk or according to a minimum number of photos. Some also charge depending on the complexity of photo editing needs. With this in mind, you can easily determine how much you should budget for the photo editing needs of your company.

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4. Quality and Consistency

These days most customers get drawn to picture-perfect photos. Good product presentation is fairly considered when buying for stuff online. So, when outsourcing for photo retouching services an extra careful effort is a must. The work quality must be exceptional and consistent.

There are freelancers who are really experts with photo editing. You should, however, take into consideration how the work quality. There will be instances that quality maybe affected. When there are hundreds of photos to get edited in a day there can be some cons. Taking into account the physical and health limitations is crucial. No matter how good the freelancer is, an individual cannot work nonstop. Once the freelancer gets tired, it will show on the photos. You cannot take the risk of having badly-edited photos just because the freelance editor cannot handle it.

What Ephotovn can do

A company service provider, however, is more consistent. because they follow strict implementation of their work quality protocols. They have specific standards for every person on the team. With defined working hours, none of the editors feel overworked. They can also easily endorse their workload to other members of the team. This way, the photos are edited round-the-clock without overtired people working on them.

With outsourcing photo editing, your time, money, and effort set into more significant use. You get rid of additional stress in managing an e-commerce business. In most cases, teaming up with a company is better than with an individual contractor. An established company is able to deliver images in a faster turnaround time. In the end will afford you more time to concentrate on clients and other aspects of your business.

Ephotovn is a renowned outsourcing photo editing company that has served thousands of clients worldwide. When it comes to e-commerce image editing, you can trust on Ephotovn to deliver professional results, every single time.

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