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Professional Model Photo Retouching Service at Your Budget

by Lyn Pasco February 19,2020 675 Views

model photography

What is Model Photography?

Model photography is a kind of shoot that is generally used for the fashion industry. A model is used as the main subject of the photo and is photographed either on location or in a photo studio. In this context, model photography refers to the photos taken for a model’s portfolio. This usually means that the model is the one going to hire a photographer to take head and body shots. There are also agencies who take charge in paying a photographer for their roster of models.

What is Model Retouching?

After a model photography shoot, you cannot expect for the photos to be done as is. There is a need for digital photo retouching to make the photos ready for presentation. Even professional photographers need portrait retouching, headshot retouching, high-end retouching and other expert photo retouching in order to produce photographs that are more visually appealing than the original photos. A model photo retouching service is widely used for this purpose.

model photo retouching service

Why Model Photo Retouching Service Is Important?

The most prominent reason why a model photo retouching service is important is that it makes the photos look polished according to the set standards of beauty. After all, the reason why these model photos are taken is for the model to be able to land a new project. If the company being applied for needs a specific look for the model, a model retouching service can help achieve that. For example, the skin can either be brightened for a skin whitening campaign or be darkened if it is for a tanning product. The possibilities are endless with a model retouching because the photo retouchers are using digital tools to make every preference to happen. 

Common Services Included in Model Photo Retouching

Model photo retouching service encompasses a lot of image changing techniques. This is why it is an effective tool in having professionally retouched portfolios. If you are going to have model retouching, you can expect to be offered with the following image retouching methods:  

Skin Tone Changing

Skin Tone Changing

The skin tones sometimes make a model look dull. Improving the skin by changing the skin tone will make a huge difference in making the model look more alive and attractive.

Naturalize Skin Tones

Studio lights and other kinds of photo lighting can alter the natural skin tone. Neutralizing it can even out the skin tone without being too obvious.

Remove Wrinkles

Wrinkles are lovely reminders of wisdom but it can make a model look too aged. Yes, it can be minimized with makeup, but it is perfectly fine to remove wrinkles from photos to make the model look more youthful and make the face light up a little bit.

Retouch Blemishes, Acne or Scars - model photo retouching service

Retouch Blemishes, Acne or Scars

Perfectly clear skin is hard to achieve especially with all kinds of stresses everyone face every single day. This is more difficult for models because they heavily use makeup that can cause all types of skin problems to appear, anytime it does. Models should be able to present a blemish-free skin to show off his/her beauty.

Teeth Whitening & Repair

A bright set of teeth can make a smile look brighter. Instead of having costly dental appointments, digitally-enhancing the teeth to become pearly white can be done with ease these days.

Add/Reduce Makeup, Lengthen & Darken Lashes

Another beauty of a model retouching service is that it allows enhancement of makeup. The photo editor can remedy it whether the makeup is too much or too light. Making everything possible.

Remove Red Eye & Brighten Eyes

Flash photography can make the eyes look red in photos. There are also times when the eyes look dull and sad. With digital enhancements, the red-eye effect can be fixed and the eyes will look much brighter and more lively.

Reduction of Weight

There are people who look heavier in photos than in actuality. Sometimes it is because of a poor angle that makes the model seem like he or she has put on a little weight than what he or she actually does look in person. With digital help, the extra weight can be adjusted to make the model look slimmer and have a perfectly-toned body.

Remove Background or Distractions

Objects on the background or the background itself can be distracting. The photo retoucher can magically remove such objects or change the background to keep the focus on the model.

Color Corrections

Each photo has various photo elements that can be altered. Whether there is a need to change or improve the colors, or to enhance the brightness and contrast. It is possible to enhance the photos using these elements in a snap.

Color Corrections

Repair Dark Images & Contrast

Some photos do not come out perfect after a shoot. They can turn out too dark or the contrast needs to be fixed. This is easy to remedy using digital techniques.

Price List for Model Retouching

While pricing totally depends on how simple or complex the images and the needed edits are, it is safe to say that an expensive or cheap photo retouching service does not guarantee the highest quality. It is better to understand how there is a need to put a lot of effort in making photos beautiful and that photo editors are paid for their talent.

model photo retouching service

Usually, model photo retouching service starts at $5 per photo – from basic retouching to advanced retouching. This already includes light correction, blemish removal, red-eye removal, image cropping, and other simple edits. Basic retouching that requires simple editing techniques, such as headshot retouching, newborn photo editing, background enhancement, and product photo retouching, prices usually start at $3. High-end retouching however, are mostly charged according to the professional quality of the results and commonly priced at $8 or more. It includes photo manipulation, adding creative effects, high-end headshot retouching, and high-end model retouching. With a successful career in line, it is encouraged that you look for a model photo retouching service that guarantees the best results. Only a few providers offer reasonable prices for their services.

Our team at Ephotovn has years of experience in providing models and photographers with reasonable and reliable model photo retouching service. Contact us now to discuss the process and have your photos be treated by expert hands.

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