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Image Background Removal Services

by Lyn Pasco March 5,2020 3371 Views

Image-Background Removal Services

There are many reasons why you may need to remove background from an image. The main and most obvious reason is to increase the aesthetic value of an image. Separating a photo from its background also lets you open up new potentials for your photos. You can easily incorporate other Photoshop effects to make them look better or use the photos for its intended uses.

Now, there are also difficulties that every photo editor will encounter in trying to remove background from image. It is essential that the result will look flawless and well-defined. Since there are blurred lines of pixels that separate subjects from the background, it can be confusing to judge whether those pixels are part of the foreground or background. We are talking about minute pixels here, by the way, which you cannot see unless zooming in on the picture. Making the wrong choice, however, will result to a bad isolation that shows in the photos.

This is precisely why you will need a team of expert photo editors if you are to remove background from photos. There are a variety of techniques and tools to remove the background in the best way possible and while you can learn to do them all, the process is going to be long, hence the beauty of having professionals to remove background from image.

What is Background Removal?

A background removal service is a photo editing technique that is frequently requested by a variety of clients. It is used to erase unwanted portions of a photo. The result basically transforms the photo in a way that it looks more attractive and has more impact than having a dull and lifeless background.

Image Background Removal Services

Ephotovn does not use background removal apps or software. Our expert team guarantees a 100% hand-drawn process that is more accurate than any AI-powered apps. The time-taking process also requires professional image editing knowledge which is why we have a variety of rates for our services. The pricing for our different services that remove background from image will depend on the complexity of the photos to be edited.

1. Basic Background Removal – Price Starts at $0.39/Image

There are objects that require less than 6 anchor points and a single path. Our editors can work with different shapes, whether the objects are rectangular, round, straight, or curved, and leave no gap.

Basic Background Removal

2. Simple Background Removal – Price Starts at $0.69/Image

Objects that are not too curved, like headphones, t-shirts, shoes, chairs, earrings, cameras, and watches has many anchor points and paths but require a simple path.

Simple Background Removal

3. Medium Background Removal – Price Starts at $1.00/Image

Images that require multi-paths and anchor points and have many holes or embedded transparency fall under this category. It can be items on the simple category but in groups, like a group of wrist watches, pairs of shoes in a display area, or a jewelry set.

Medium Background Removal

4. Complex Background Removal – Price Starts at $3.00/Image

There are also items that have many holes and other intricate photo designs. Chain, bracelet, group of people, and furniture are some of the photo subjects that will require a lot of close paths and will need complex clipping path and other techniques to remove background from image.

Complex Background Removal

5. Super Complex Background Removal – Price Upto $5.00/Image

Items from the complex category plus having embedded transparency, holes, and with more complexity are under the super complex category. Unlike with the other categories, a super complex photo may require more than one technique to completely remove background from image.

Super-Complex Background Removal

Background Removal Service Importance

With the advancement of digital media, people expect to see perfect photos whether in print or in digital form. When you remove photo background, you are able to cut out unwanted objects in the photos that may cause distraction. It gives you the option to change the background and find one that suits the subject best. In commerce, removing the background will help draw the customers’ attention to the product.

There are also websites that only allow uploading of photos with a solid white or neutral background. Instead of trying to fix the whole picture, you can remove the areas with the most troubling aspects and focus on enhancing the parts that the audiences need to see. All of these reasons are pointed towards creating eye-catching photos by just removing the background.

Who Needs Background Removal Service

Anyone who wants to have appealing photos can benefit from a background removal service. Photographers, on the other hand, can benefit the most since they need to have all the time they have to make room for more clients. It may be easy for photographers to remove background from image since they are familiar with it but they simply do not have the time to do so.

Background Removal

Photo studios are also faced with the same situation especially when there are plenty of clients to attend to and there are hundreds of photos that need to be edited every single day. Background removal is also indispensable in the e-commerce industry where thousands of product photos are to be edited to look appealing with a solid white or transparent background.

Magazines and other publishing companies also depend on a reliable service provider to remove background from image especially because they have to deal with both print and digital media. Event management companies, real estate, and other industries can use this kind of service to serve their purposes.

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Choosing the Best Background Removal Service

If you are looking for perfection, it is essential that you choose the best partner to remove the photo background. You must demand for high-end quality where every single image is 100% perfect. The best provider also does not only perfectly remove background from image but also delivers on time. Their strength should not be skills alone but also speed and efficiency. Having a competitive price is also a huge factor in choosing your provider. Choose one that offers bulk pricing deals especially when you are going to have plenty of photos to be edited.

Apart from these qualities, you must also consider Customer Reviews and Testimonials from past clients. Their evaluation for the company would say a lot about the quality of services that they offer. The testimonials are placed on the website not only to attract customers but also to present as proof of being a legit company that you can trust your photos with.

You may also contact the team for a free trial where you send an image for a free background removal. you can judge how their photo editing work before handing over the whole project to them.

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Bottom Line

Aside from removing a photo’s background, our team can also apply other related photo editing services in order to have the full potentials of your photos. You can be very specific in your instructions, like changing the background after removing it, change the file sizes according to upload specifications, or create composite images using the photos on a new background.

By simply removing a photo’s background, you literally make the photo more open for more purposes. You can transform it completely with a theme in mind or use it right away for its intended purpose, such as for e-commerce.

The photos above will show you the before and after photos of our stellar Background Removal Services. Inspect closely how our team is able to completely isolate the foreground from its background with our expert techniques.

Want excellent photo editing services for your business?

Ephotovn is the most professional and best option for Background Removal. We are committed to provide high-quality results and unbeatable prices at the fastest turnaround time.

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