12 Best Instant Photo Background Removal Tools to Use for Free 2020

Jenny Pasco November 27,2019

background removal tools
Some photos look great with their backgrounds. In fact, there are images that are at their best when they have colourful backgrounds. Not with e-commerce. In any online marketplace or e-commerce websites, product photos need to have either a white background or no background at all. Some big online store platforms, like e-Bay and Amazon, require product photos to be transparent. This is to make the photos suitable for upload into the site.

The Importance of Background Removal

More than making the photos upload-ready, the main importance of a background removal service or a clipping path service is that it makes the photos more aesthetically pleasing. These photo editing services will remove any unwanted elements, such as the background, that can distract a consumer from buying.

Busy backgrounds may look eye-catching but they take away the chance to have the customers focus on the product. It can drive customers away because what they see and appreciate is the background and not the product itself. They tend to overlook the details of the product and may close the picture.

product photo editing
Image Source: https://global.llbean.com/shop/Mens/629

With a white background or a photo that devoid of a background, the subject looks better. The colors pop out more, and the natural qualities of the product are emphasized. The photo becomes more professional in appearance and the customer is more likely to inspect it further.

The less clutter there is on the photos, the more likely that the customer is enticed to buy the product.

Free Online Tools to Remove Backgrounds from Photos

It is common to remove backgrounds for different purposes. It, however, is a slow process and you will need to be very careful in working on the details. If you are going to do it on your own, you will need the aid of a background removal tool to simplify the process.

A background removal tool automates the isolation of the background from the subject. It can make the process easier and less time-consuming compared to manually erasing the background. Here is a list of free tools that you can use:

1. Remove.bg (www.remove.bg)

remove bg
Removing backgrounds can be a tedious process. A lot of time should be allotted especially if you are going to work with multiple photos. Remove.bg is a free online background removal tool that lets you get professionally-done edits to remove unwanted backgrounds from photos.

2. Clipping Magic (www.clippingmagic.com)

clipping magic background removal
Clipping Magic is what you need if you want to have great images without doing too much editing. This background removal tool is an effortless method of removing unwanted objects from your photos. Their website provides tutorials for you to perform clipping path, refining the photos, and adding finishing touches to make the photos publish-ready.

3. Background Burner (www.burner.bonanza.com)

burner bonanza background removal

Background Burner uses high-tech software algorithms in analysing images to detect the details on every photo. It separates the objects that are in the foreground then remove the objects that are part of the background. There is also an option to change the background through the software.

4. PhotoScissors (www.online.photoscissors.com)

photoscissors background removal
PhotoScissors is a background removal tool that is extremely easy use. You only need to mark the areas that you want to be removed and the program will do analysis of the clipping edges. This background removal tool requires minimal effort but you get to have quality results.

5. Fotor (www.fotor.com)

fotor background removal
Another background removal tool that is easy to use is from Fotor. They have a simple and straightforward process to complete background removal in minutes. There is almost no effort on your part since the software automatically separates the foreground subject from the background.

6. AutoClipping (www.autoclipping.com)

The Auto clipping tool was developed by a professional team of experts from financial and programming technology. After learning from subsequent mistakes, they chose to create a superior, cheaper, quicker internet-based background image removal system.

Lots of developed are expensive and need editing expertise, which implies that learning them takes a considerable amount of time. The developers wanted to develop the internet-based picture retouching tool which sports or the vital features also with the feature of pay with every use. Fast, easy and cheap. The tool instantly takes out background images, with just a few clicks of the mouse. The tool comes in handy for creating banners for platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Or you could just develop an e-card or just about anything.

7. Malabi (www.malabi.co)

malabi background removal

The Malabi Enterprise tends to be the quickest, most precise as well as cost-effective image servicing, cleaning and image removal service offered on the internet at e-commerce, marketplace and retail sites currently.

Currently, the company is giving out the opportunity for anybody to try them out by cleaning out about 10,000 images. Alternatively, they could use the platform for just 1 month, anyone which comes first, in the free trial for this enterprise API system.

Incorporate the background remover from Malabi with your tools and enhance your rates of processing. Get the perfect tool for your team, taking out backgrounds perfectly away from images while useful time. Ensure that your business carries out these services at shorter time durations with corresponding low prices in other to boost your profit potential.

8. WoFox (www.wofox.com)

The background remover could pretty much be utilized by anyone. Most particularly for people who consistently create content for their personal companies.

Ensure that your photographs for product listing stand out through removing the unsolicited or unwanted background. You could as well insert your image without a background on different other compatible backgrounds so as to include some appealing effects of the image of the product.

Or rather you could put it on the white background (it is typically any color which accentuates your product) to concentrate the focus on your product. The tool is compatible with popular picture formats such as PNG or the JPG format and supports the biggest image size of 8 MB.

9. InPixio (www.inpixio.com)

Taking off backgrounds away from images and photos has been simplified with the InPixio Background Remove tool. In taking out the background away from the photo, you should select an image that has a specific background/foreground. Peculiar for tools for photo cutout; photos that have numerous patterns or details tend to process more difficultly. Taking out the backgrounds away from images having solid objects or people is commonly applied and leads to awesome results.

Located in Paris and having extra resources for development all across the world. InPixio is a subsidiary from the Avanquest Group. It is a subsidiary, InPixio is strategically placed on the important photography segment as well as the “the Mobile to the Print”. The drive of the company is evidenced by its participation across all channels of the market such as the Store for Apple App, the App Store for Apple Mac, Windows Stores, Google Play store and so on.

10. Edit Photos for Free (editphotosforfree.com)

Have you ever used “Clipping Magic” to take out an image background? This is some sort of replacement or clone of the clipping magic that comes free of charge. Take out the background away from images from the internet in just about four steps. Rapidly transform the backgrounds of your pictures to transparent whether for product marketing or graphic design purposes. Tired of the complicated methods of Photoshop? Try using this tool for fast and effortless magic for clipping path. The apps main features include:

1). Totally removes JavaScript background from the client.
2). It can automatically or manually draw out edges by using the tool known as Magic Wand.
3). It sports the Edge feather and the blur for some final touch
4). It sports the pan and zoom feature.
5). Redo, erase, auto-crop, erase, preview using a transparent or colorful background with more features to be launched soon.

11. ImageResizer (imageresizer.com)

inpixio background removal tools

This internet-based tool effortlessly allows you to create transparent backgrounds in your photos. Easily choose the color that you want to be transparent. It is ideal for taking out backgrounds in photos or product photos from commercial pictures.
With the slider for match colors, you can retouch and adjust transparent areas. It is able to match the same colors to the selected ones and can turn them to transparent too.

The photo editing tool makes use of the HTML support system. With this, you never get your files saved on our servers. It is among the best safest and fastest remover tools for background images that you can get online. Also, significantly, it is always free.

12. Skylum (skylum.com)

Taking out and exchanging an image’s background is among the most excellent methods of developing the composite photo which you make your viewers impressed. Make an enchanting scene by using our own Milky Way for the background. Alternatively, you could exchange a dull sky by using an awesome sunrise. Regardless of what your goal is, the Luminar 3 simplifies the process of switching backgrounds.

Professional Image Editors vs. Online Tools

A background removal tool does the same thing as what a clipping path service provider does. There is, however, a big difference when it comes to using a background removal tool than a real professional doing all the work.

With a background removal tool, the software uses artificial intelligence in separating the subject from the background. The algorithms, however, are limited to the details in the photo. Color difference and tonal values are some of the characteristics that the software bases its judgement on. Although it can be helpful, the result is not always accurate. Photos that have similar colors used on both foreground and background can be difficult to work with using automation tools.

Another thing about these tools is that they are free if you are using basic functions. If you need to have detailed results, you will have to pay for special tools to further enhance the results. It is not true that all you need to do is click on the photos since you also need to be careful in choosing the areas to be removed. In the end, you will be forced to pay for the extras in order to complete the edits.

In contrast to these free tools, a professional photo editor is more precise and consistent in producing the best results. Years of doing the same background removal techniques made them experts in such a job. They can edit a lot of photos with accuracy than any automated tools can. Since they do the background removal by hand, the details on the subject are preserved. The results are more professionally-done and do not look rashly done. In terms of payment, instead of paying extra tools for supposedly “free tools”, there are many background removal services that offer low prices especially when you order in bulk. It is a cheaper alternative yet it really takes away the need to do anything other than upload the photos then wait for the services to be complete.

If you want the most appealing photos for your site, it is better to have a professional handle the background removal. Brilliant photos contribute to better sales performance so you should not rely on free tools that only give you mediocre results. A human touch is always better if you want to achieve perfection.

Want excellent background removal for your product photos?

Ephotovn provides professional image editing services to help you out.

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  1. I agree. The colors pop out more and the products look more professional with a white or transparent background. This also greatly ensures that nothing is distracting the customer for any reason. The whole focus will definitely be on the product.

  2. These are very handy tools. I’ve not really tried any but I believe that I can work around them and get something nice at the end. I’ve got a lot of products that need their background to be removed. Though I never knew that was a problem until now I just read this.


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