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How to Create Shiny and Voluminous Hair in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

by Lyn Pasco December 1,2019 4116 Views

Doing a fantastic job when it comes to portrait retouching is something that requires a great deal of work. However, the face of your subject is not all that matters, with some touches on their hair, you’d be on your way to making the whole image magnificent.

One major factor in knowing how healthy a hair looks is the way it shines. Besides making the hair shiny, highlights is for creating the highly-sought after effect that comes with volume. As it is with virtually every task, Photoshop affords us several ways of handling portrait hair retouching. This video will be showing you what you need to know in this regards.

In the course of the tutorial, I’ll be showing you how you can easily make hair glow with that commercial kind of shine you get with shampoo by using Adobe Photoshop. You can make the hair look more enticing by implementing Shine and Dimension. Understand that you can include highlights to hair with basic idea of curves, masking, as well as Blend-if. It’ll take some of your time, but it has the capacity to make your model’s hair pop.

Create Shiny and Voluminous Hair Before and After

Our objective is ensuring additional contrast between the shadowed and lit areas, although that can be scarcely achieved by merely increasing the general contrast. Many times it is best for us to use a somewhat local approach, lighting selective strands while leaving others to be dark.

Decide on a particular luminosity mask which will capture the hair highlights perfectly – don’t bother about the other parts of the image been affected.

There happens to be a straightforward process that won’t take you any time. While the difference might not be that noticeable, it still brings life and adds a new twist to that hair. Portrait hair retouching, now, you’ll understand how those ladies who advertise shampoo end up having such attractive hair in their posters.

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