Removing Creases & Wrinkles from Clothing in Photoshop – [VIDEO Tutorial ]

Lyn Pasco November 2,2019

If you do not know how to easily get rid of cloth wrinkles on Photoshop without compromising the texture and color, then this simple video guide on how to do clothes photo retouching would definitely make a lot of sense to you. In the course of photoshopping portraits, it’s highly significant that you are attentive

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How To Easily Change Eye Color in Photoshop – [Video Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco October 31,2019

One of the techniques in photo retouching is enhancing or changing the color of a person’s eyes. Wondering about what you look like if you have a different eye color? With some basic Photoshop retouching technique you can modify the eye with any color that you want.  This video tutorial will show you how to

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Colour Grading Technique for Beauty Portraits Retouching – [VIDEO Tutorial]

Lyn Pasco October 30,2019

This Photoshop tutorial is particularly focused on beauty shots and portraits. You’ll learn to do colour grading technique which is an essential part of retouching. By split toning and luminosity masks, know how to correct and improve skin tones. Highlighting and adding color tones in an image is a highly effective manner of creating mood

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