Learning The Basics Of Photo Editing And Retouching

Jenny Pasco October 22,2019

Photo Editing and Retouching

The rapid advancement of technology also influence the photography and photo editing services as well making it most revolutionized industry in the world. But it does not matter who is the photographer, today only thing that matters is the final result of the images after photo shooting and post-processing. 

Defining Photo Editing and Retouching

Photo editing and retouching is creation and interpretation. It is important in the light of making some essential changes to the original image while working with products, model and natural images. In order to enhance the beauty and make the images more glamorous, there are a series of steps that are used for photo retouching. It will help us to eliminate unnecessary details for the image and make it look more natural and artistic. Photo retouching is a term mostly used in fashion industry; it is mostly used for natural images and professional help to give high-end retouching to the image at the same time retaining its originality.

Commonly used Photoshop Tools for Photo Retouch Effect

Here is the list of tools that are best used for photo editing and photo retouching, making your image flawless:

1. Burn and Dodge Tool (for eyes retouching)

burn and dodge tool - photo editing
This magical tool is used to edit the whites, lighten the iris, darken eyeliner, darken the eyelashes, lighten the bone below your eyebrow, brighten the corner of the eyes and shade or darken the eyebrows. Use this tool with a lot of thoroughness otherwise you will give yourself a tough time to re-edit the image.

2. Gaussian Blur & Noise Reduction Filter (for smooth skin)

Gaussian Blur Noise Reduction Filter - photo editing
Gaussian Blur Noise Reduction Filter - photo editing
This fine tool is used to smooth skin lines around the dimples, noise, or smile lines. If you overuse it, the image will lose its natural essence.

3. Patch Tool (for cleaning imperfections)

Patch Tool - photo editing
The first and foremost thing is to clean up imperfections. Some of the most common imperfections are might be a scar, blemishes, and veins in eyes, age spots and stray hairs on the face or redness. Mostly, photo editing professionals use patch tool from Photoshop to clean imperfections.

4. Curves and Levels Layer Mask (for color enhancement)

Curves and levels - photo editing
Color enhancement is another amazing photo editing tool used for photo retouching. By using curves layer mask and levels, a dull photo is turned into a bright one. The layer mask and levels are essential when the metering is not perfect.

5. Hue / Saturation (for teeth whitening )

Hue Saturation - photo editing
Hue/saturation is an essential tool used to make teeth whiter than ever and help to make your smile alive. It will add a little glow to make the teeth shine out in the photograph. You can also use this tool to change the eye color

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Importance of Using Photo Editing and Retouching

Photo editing and retouching helps you to turn your photo into a completely fresh and high-end looking image so it can seek attention. As a result it will beautify your image quality and attract more audiences making your business marketing effective and more successful. Image retouching is highly essential for e-commerce, magazine, catalog, banners, web, ads and other print designs.

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In order to retouch photos an editor must consider the final format of an image because many image viewers do not support all types of format. This can also help manage the quality and size of the images required for printing and sharing. 

Bottom Line

Photo retouching does not necessarily mean compromising the original image. Our professional retouching services will enhance the picture by removing the unnecessary flaws. Take note that we specifically mentioned “unnecessary” because there are natural textures and colors that looked better when kept in its natural state. 

With our expert photo retouching services, we see to it that clients will be able to appreciate the attention-grabbing photos that our team will be able to create. 

Why Ephotovn is the best for photo editing and retouching?

If you need a professional photo retouching service then, please inform us. We will get back to you with our quotations within 24 hours or less depending on the complexity of retouching and editing required. 

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