The Reasons Why Photo Color Correction Service Important

Yen November 5,2019

Image editing will be incomplete without a touch of a photo color correction service. You cannot do without colors when you are editing a picture, and this service is where it all starts and ends. It is primarily for exploring different colors on a particular product in order to get the one that will be


8 Useful Tips For Successful E-commerce Image Editing

Yen November 4,2019

E-commerce has firmly planted its hold in the business field and it doesn’t seem like the e-commerce industry will fade away any time soon. Photography is of major importance in this industry as sales depend solely on visual trust. While venturing into the field of e-commerce image editing it is vital to explore some tips


Removing Creases & Wrinkles from Clothing in Photoshop – [VIDEO Tutorial ]

Jenny Pasco November 2,2019

If you do not know how to easily get rid of cloth wrinkles on Photoshop without compromising the texture and color, then this simple video guide on how to do clothes photo retouching would definitely make a lot of sense to you. In the course of photoshopping portraits, it’s highly significant that you are attentive


8 Tips on How To Properly Photograph Footwear Products

Yen November 1,2019

Footwear product photography comes with a certain set of rules to follow and avoid. In selling footwear products online, entrepreneurs must be able to compensate their customers with good product photos since they cannot touch and look at them personally. Thus in e-commerce, everything must begin with a good supply of high-quality images. With a


How To Easily Change Eye Color in Photoshop – [Video Tutorial]

Jenny Pasco October 31,2019

One of the techniques in photo retouching is enhancing or changing the color of a person’s eyes. Wondering about what you look like if you have a different eye color? With some basic Photoshop retouching technique you can modify the eye with any color that you want.  This video tutorial will show you how to


Colour Grading Technique for Beauty Portraits Retouching – [VIDEO Tutorial]

Jenny Pasco October 30,2019

This Photoshop tutorial is particularly focused on beauty shots and portraits. You’ll learn to do colour grading technique which is an essential part of retouching. By split toning and luminosity masks, know how to correct and improve skin tones. Highlighting and adding color tones in an image is a highly effective manner of creating mood


10 Free Photo Editing Apps To Woo Your Instagram Followers

Jenny Pasco October 29,2019

Are you bored of your Instagram photos? Do you want your images to look even better and professional? We bring to you top awesome free photo editing apps that can woo your followers and gain you even more fans, fame and followers. For Instagram celebrities, bloggers or even entrepreneurs, here is a way to improve


5 Beginner Tips to Become a Better Photographer in No Time

Jenny Pasco October 28,2019

Every professional wants to get better in their field at all times even if it takes a lifetime for them to learn. They want to be successful at what they do, make a name in their field of work and gain fame. Those who strive to achieve success are those who reach a high level


How To Choose for The Best Clipping Path Service – Tips and Considerations

Jenny Pasco October 26,2019

Are you passionately looking for the best image clipping path service provider online to entrust the post processing of images for your photography business, marketing creative designs and even for e-commerce product photos?  You don’t have to worry, here are the basic guidelines to choose the best clipping path service provider for your image editing


Clipping Path vs. Image Masking – Which is Best for Background Removal?

Jenny Pasco October 25,2019

Both clipping path and image masking facilitate photo editing services as they are effective photo editing techniques and used to remove unwanted objects from the background of images. The major distinction between them is the way in which you used to eliminate the undesirable object. Clipping Path Clipping path is a photo editing technique used



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