3 Effective Methods for a Smooth Beautiful Skin – A Photo Retouching Tutorial

Lei Plameras October 10,2019

photoshop retouching tutorials

To obtain beautiful smooth-looking skin on a subject in photographs, completely descent photo retouching tutorial could get in handy. Retouching skin in Photoshop seem difficult at first, but is surprisingly easy. In addition, there are great techniques that could really help. What you need is a little time for this small lesson. Keeping the edit


7 Key Techniques for High-end Beauty Photography Retouching

Jenny Pasco October 9,2019

Beauty photography is exquisite but it is undeniably one of the most difficult genres in photography. It is seldom to produce the perfect shots from straight-out-of-the-camera photos. Aside from the best lighting, angles, and mood design, the best photography retouching skills are essential in order to get a prized beauty shot. There are plenty of


10 Common Mistakes in Jewelry Photography & Tips to Avoid It

Jenny Pasco October 8,2019


Jewelry photography is fun but it tends to be complicated. Yes, it stays still and does not move a lot unlike a human model, but it does have its own quirky characteristics. First, jewelry is reflective. It can be pretty challenging to shoot with a good lighting, and try not to look like it is


75 High-end Beauty Retouching Tutorials

Yen October 7,2019

beauty retouching tutorials - cover

Beauty photo retouching is one of the editing techniques that take a lot of time to perfect. There are certain standards that you need to meet and it always varies on the client’s needs. You must also be very attentive and meticulous in editing each part of the photograph. By mastering beauty photo editing, it


Why Background Removal Service is Important for E-Commerce

Yen October 5,2019

background removal services - cover

The best asset of an e-commerce site is the set of product photos presented to its customers. Everyday, a lot of e-commerce sites are emerging and no one cares much if the same types of products are offered. Uniqueness does not matter as long as the products are of value and follows the current trend.


How to Retouch Eyelashes & Eyebrows Using Photoshop [Video]

Lei Plameras October 4,2019

One of the main focal points on the face of a headshot or portrait image is the eye area. In general photo retouching, one of the particular features of the face that are often overlooked are minor elements such as the eyebrows and eyelashes. Apart from the eye itself it is often missed. But in


Fast and Easy – High-end Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial [Video]

Lei Plameras October 1,2019

high-end retouching

Retouch and edit skin fast and easy like a pro. Achieve that airbrush finish! Make your portraits look beautiful with a smooth natural skin texture using this fast high-end retouching technique for the skin in Photoshop. And get it done in a few minutes! First, remember to remove blemishes and touch up on irregularities like


4 Powerful and Influential Photographs that Moved the World

Yen September 30,2019

Many of our great and famous photographers were born to be first-hand witnesses of the worldโ€™s beauty and chaos. Many photographers leave their comfort zones to document unlikely events. They go out of their way to document wars, conflicts, violence and other forms of suffering. Their instincts led them to capture significant moments and send


11 Effective Ecommerce Tips to Present Product Images that Boost Conversions

Jenny Pasco September 26,2019

How you present products in the website can help consumers into buying. This is why it is essential that product images look realistic and pleasant at the same time. There are product photos and there are effective product photos. You should not only be armed with the usual photos because most of the customers will


13 Professional Photography Tips for Amazing Photos

Yen September 25,2019

photography tips - cover1

Photography is one of the best expressions of art. By developing intriguing and good-looking images, one displays his creativity and great imaginations. Techniques and patterns are good foreknowledge in photography. Knowing some of these will help you in capturing photographs as others do. Suggestions and tips are there to assist you in discovering various photography



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