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Jenny Pasco December 30,2019

Stunning photos are an integral part of effective marketing. This is why photo editing services are very important in the field of e-commerce. It is important that product images get your potential customers attracted. A simple photo which captures the USP of your product in a very unique way will definitely bring about more sales as compared to one that looks flashy but not interactive.

Ephotovn Photo Editing Services Company

Professional e-commerce photo editing services

You have managed to take snapshots of your products that are beautiful. It is high time we made them look stunning and more impressive. Our team comprises of highly experienced photo editors who have an in-depth understanding about Adobe Photoshop. We render photo retouching and editing services for e-commerce products. This is to ensure that all of your needs with regards to photo editing are fully addressed. These could be color change, image masking, clipping path, background removal and background change (white or clear background), dust clean–up and image extraction. 

background removal service - ephtovn

Editing is really hectic and time – consuming. However, we exist to ensure such a process is professionally handled. The photos of your products will be definitely amazing. 

Ephotovn photo retouching services 

A vital aspect of retouching e-commerce photos is focusing on how to ensure the smallest details are perfected. There is no need bothering how this will be done since our team of professionals will get every feature enhanced. This will enable potential customers notice every detail about your products. 

For instance, the artistic details on your jewelry, clothing, shoe products and other products seem to be making them dull before customers. We have experts who know how to make such photos come alive. We retouch the artsy area with a view to enhancing it beyond its present look. 

Our e-commerce photo editing services: 

1. Removal of background 

When the background for photos of e-commerce products is transparent, such can give room for some experimentation using surfaces, colors, and textures. After using these services, your photos will definitely appear more realistic, consistent and impressive before potential customers.

2. Hollow Man Mannequin Effects

When mannequins are used in modeling clothes, customers find them appealing. It makes them see how such clothes will be a perfect fit for them. However, when it comes to editorial copies, ghost mannequins aren’t always looking great. We understand how mannequins can be removed from photos. This will ensure that the product itself becomes the primary image of focus. 

3. Photo Shadow Effects 

When shadow effects are added to a product’s photo, such can make it have dimensions. It makes the image to appear realistic and very appealing. When e-commerce photos look very realistic and natural, they generate more sales. 

4. Photo Color adjustment 

Taking too many photos in order to show customers your product is available in various colors isn’t necessary. Through adjustment of photo color or changing product color, your product can be shown in different colors. This can be done using just one image of your product. Customers will see that your product comes in different colors. 

5. Product Photo Cleaning

There are times your product photos may have some flaws. There is no need bothering as we have expert photo editors to help out. They will get your product photo cleaned up in a professional way. Stains will be removed and wrinkles are going to be fixed. This will ensure your products are at their stunning best. 

6. Product Image Compositing

Our team of professional photo editors create a single product photo by having to combine various images together into one. A service like this will help you create concepts that look difficult or unimaginable. 

Grow your business today

Product photos will definitely help you generate more sales. It helps to create trust and customer loyalty. With quality photos in your e-commerce store, customers will believe that they are getting nothing short of the best products. 

You will have a much higher ROI once we have handled your product photos. With our professional photo retouching services, you will no longer leave money on the table. 

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Clipping Path

High quality photo retouching

The art which we create are based on traditional techniques like painting and drawing. Through this, the photo is going to appear natural and realistic even when background removal, color change and adjustments have been made.

Need final retouching and editing for your e-commerce products?

In order to ensure you are getting uncompromised e-commerce photo editing services, we usually invest in the most sophisticated and advanced editing tools. This helps to serve your business in a much better and effective way. With professional and high quality photos on display, you will definitely market your products better.

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