13 Best Instant Photo Background Removal Tools to Use for Free 2020

Jenn Pereira March 20,2020

To remove backgrounds from images can be a tedious task. A lot of time should be allocated if you decide to do it on your own. In any online marketplace or e-commerce websites, product photos need to have either a white background or no background at all for it to be an effective image. If

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Portrait Photography – A Complete Guide for Portrait Photographers

Lyn Pasco March 19,2020

As one of the most popular genres in photography, many aspiring photographers are considering portrait photography as a good place to start for a rewarding career. Table of Contents What is Portrait Photography? Introduction to Portrait Photography FAQs about Portrait Photography Be Inspired by These Incredible Portrait Photos Types of Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Tips

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How To Properly Retouch Newborn Photos in Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

Lei Plameras March 18,2020

 It is such a significant and joyous moment welcoming the birth of a baby into this world. And it’s always a good idea to capture the baby’s first precious moments in the first few days of his life. To keep the newborn photos as a memoir and a sign of celebration to share with

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12 Sites to Download Free Wood Textures for Photoshop [2000+ Free Resources]

Lyn Pasco March 16,2020
Free Wood Textures for Photoshop

The use of wood texture for various projects such as website design, graphic design, and photo editing is becoming increasingly popular these days. Adding texture to any design makes it even more interesting. Wood textures add depth and character to anything and express an organic feeling. Making designs stand out more and is utilized in tons of applications. No

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Photoshop Guidelines: Photo Retouching Rules & Considerations

Lyn Pasco March 13,2020
Photoshop Guidelines When Retouching Photo

Adobe Photoshop is an application that many people use for photo retouching and image editing. It can be installed in both Windows and Mac OS computers. Photoshop is a critical tool not only for designer and graphic artists but most especially to photographers. It has changed the world of photography so much that, in some

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15 Best Photo Editor Mobile Apps of 2020 [Review and Comparison]

Lyn Pasco March 12,2020
Best Photo Editor Mobile Apps

Digital photography has taken new heights for this generation, making it accessible to more people because of the advancement in technology. Years before, one can only take decent photographs using bulky cameras. Nowadays, all that you need is a smartphone and a bunch of photo editor apps and you will be shooting like a pro.

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10 Sites to Download Free Water Texture for Photoshop [100+ Free Resources]

Lyn Pasco March 8,2020
Free Water Texture for Photoshop

Use Water Texture as Image Background. Water has a lot of symbolism that people associate it with. It symbolizes dynamics, energy, sometimes calmness and mystery, etc. That is why water and water textures are great image backgrounds or digital or printed wallpapers. They are also great for website design, creating effects for products, graphic designs,

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Newborn Photography: A Complete Guide for Newborn Photographers

Lyn Pasco March 7,2020
Newborn Photography

Newborn photo shoot is popular these days and it is proving to be a great business opportunity for budding photographers. We want to help you become a professional newborn photographer so here’s a handy guide to help you start out in this fun and rewarding work of newborn photography. Table of Contents What is Newborn

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10 Sites to Download Gold Texture for Photoshop [300+ Free Resources]

Lyn Pasco March 4,2020
Free Gold Texture for Photoshop

Gold texture looks great for digital products. It’s been prominent amongst graphic designers, website designers and even photographers to use this in application for creative purposes. You will notice that most people are using it as a background for their images, branding, typography, and illustration, especially for e-commerce products. There’s some elegance, luxurious and modern

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Top 10 Online Photo Editor Software of 2020 [Review and Comparison]

Lyn Pasco March 3,2020

An online photo editor is simply a computer program that lets any individual to edit photos. It can be equipped with photo editing tools to do various effects or change the different aspects of a photo. The results will vary according to the techniques used or special effects added during the editing process. Photo editing

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