Photography Tips – How Much Should Photographers Charge In 2020?

Lyn Pasco December 14,2019

If you are making a living out of photography, it is very essential that you are aware about the changing trends in photography and more so about how much photographers charge every year. You must be updated about the current pricing standards for you to be able to support yourself by running a profitable business.

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Image Post-Processing Techniques: A Guide for Beginners in Photography (Part 1)

Lyn Pasco December 10,2019

Stop misplacing the priorities regarding photos with professional quality.  When it comes to photo retouching and image post-processing, use Adobe Photoshop to your advantage. From curves to exposure to adjustment layers, reduce the time you use for post-processing. Do not spend unnecessary time on what will not account for your optimal performance or a more

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What Is Post-Production or Post-Processing in Photography? Why Is It Important?

Lyn Pasco December 8,2019

You may have heard about photography related terms like “post-processing,”“post-production,” or just “post”. Let us break the terms down.  These three terms – post-processing, post-production, as well as post can be used interchangeably. The production refers to what occurs on a location or set; it is whatever you are doing anytime you move about with

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30 Types of Photography: Which is The Right Niche to Be a Successful Photographer

Lyn Pasco November 29,2019

The photography field could be more diverse than you knew it to be. Let us explore a couple of the common types of photography which have aided professional photographers in earning a decent income by focusing on a niche.  1. Fine Art Photography This aspect of photography is most suitable for those with creative minds

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Top 15 Fashion Photographers to Follow on Instagram for Inspiration

Lei Plameras November 28,2019

Fashion is a huge industry. Many people, both men and women, are drawn to it. This is why there are also lots of profitable things that are related to it. Fashion photographers, for example, are one of the most who benefit from such industry the most. Fashion photography is probably on top of the list

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How to Photograph Eyewear for Ecommerce and Online Stores

Yen November 22,2019

Eyewear, such as sun and eyeglasses, are made of highly reflective materials. They tend to have glares and reflections once photographed. Suffice to say that using flash is not the best idea for this kind of product photography. Well, this is true; however, it might be tricky to do but there are, in fact, ways

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Setting Up A Photography Business: How and Where to Start

Yen November 20,2019

By the time you have brushed your photography skills up, the next typical question is always about how you can earn money from your skills? Do not bother. Irrespective of how Instagram is making everybody feel like star photographers, the demand for genuine photographers who are capable of doing stunning shots is very much high. 

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Choosing The Right Camera for Professional Photography

Lyn Pasco November 16,2019

In several ways, becoming a professional photographer is about mastering the tools. It is a trade that compels you to have a deep understanding of machinery and technicalities: how can a different lens change the overall outlook of a photograph? What type of lighting equipment is most suitable for evoking a certain mood? Owning the

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7 Common Mistakes in Your Clothing & Apparel Photography

Yen November 14,2019

If you are in the fashion industry or dealing with clothes, apparel, accessories, and other related stuff, then you must be concern about perfecting clothing & apparel photography. After all, the main goal here is to succeed in the business so you must be aware that how the products are presented really matters. When it

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6 Myths That Won’t Make Your Photography Business Grow

Lyn Pasco November 11,2019

We are quite familiar with how significant image editing as well as image editing services are for photography business, but still end up embracing myths that unknowingly stops us from advancing. It’s a huge time busting all the beliefs that are connected with outsourcing image editing service.  Here’re some busted myths that will aid you

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