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Image Editing Tips – 5 Reasons Why You Should Post-Process Your Photographs

by Lei Plameras December 21,2019 672 Views

Creating a beautiful image is much more than just pressing your photograph’s shutter button. Candidly speaking, that is just half the entire process for several photographers. There is another part that has to do with post-processing of the photos. There are some image editing tips you need to consider.

Image editing tips - why Post-Process photographs

The main focus should be in adjusting our cameras to get the best image possible. This is considering – with some relevant requirements like composition, lighting, and exposure. Because trying to fix a bad capture might be pushing your luck too far. Although you can get great images when your camera is properly set with all the considerations. You can make your photos look much better by putting them through post-processing.

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While post-processing isn’t necessary all the time, it is certainly recommended if you want high quality outputs. This post is going to show you reasons why post-processing your photographs is good. As well as how it could influence your images for the better.

1. To Improve a Photo

Photo retouching and enhancements can be in different forms. Improvements can be in the form of modifications, simple adjustments such as saturation, contrast, sharpening and brightness. Extensive editing of photo depends on what your requirements are.

Improve a Photo

You mustn’t have a post-processing workflow process that is extensive to enhance the way your images look. Nevertheless, knowing how post-processing applications function can help unlock your creativity. In most cases, in the area of adjusting your image like you never imagined before. A typical example is Photoshop’s curves tool. This tool is powerful for adjusting tones inside an image. This very tool that lets you alter contrast, darken, adjust, or brighten colours in magnificent ways.

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2. To Truly Bring Out Your Vision of the Photograph

There are times you desire your photo to appear in a special way – just how you have imagined it. Sometimes usual post-processing treatment does not affect the captured image in a particular way you wanted it to be. Perhaps you have this vision of a streak of light running through buildings in a street and wanted to replicate that scene specifically in the image. You can achieve those imaginations with post-processing.

3. To Save Time on Shooting & Post-Processing

Generally, post-processing has been in existence for some time now. It is becoming a significant photographic step ever since photography started.

Color Correction

As of today, digital cameras automatically process captured images into output a JPEG image. This can be used, depending on the settings, or selected camera pre-sets. But the final image is limited by how the camera’s picture was taken as well as post-processing potentials. Those potentials can be exceeded when you personally handle the post-processing instead of letting the camera handle it.

For instance, all cameras can only capture a certain dynamic range. Dynamic range by the way is the difference existing between the darkest and brightest image tones. By undertaking raw shooting and putting the image through post-processing, you can improve the current dynamic range of an image. As well as show further details in shadows and highlights. You can also equally restrict adjustments to specific image parts. And this is known as Masking within Photoshop.

4. To Fix Imperfections in a Photo

Regardless of how careful you turn out to be, captured shots are always associated with a few imperfections. Issues such as chromatic aberration, high ISO noise, dust spots, barrel distortion, as well as vignettes are common. These are mostly unnoticed unless present in a certain degree. Some photos possess crooked horizons which requires straightening. Or perhaps some unwanted element which should be cropped away to enhance composition and make the subject to be more attractive.

photo retouching

If you like a photograph very much and intend to have it shared with loved ones or maybe you intend to have it printed large, then such issues have to be handled so they are not seen in the output image.

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5. To Expand the Creative Boundaries of Your Photography

Trying to photograph a scene simply means that a lot of choices will be made along the way. This starts from its composition as well as lighting, to perspective as well as timing, and many more. Which includes selecting camera settings such as aperture and shutter speed. Being the next natural step in your photography procedure, post-processing also provides a means for getting creative and making images effective. This showcases your creativity and assist you in telling your story in a way that people can better connect with.

If you haven’t explored anything about photo post-processing or you are not aware of how you can approach it, it’s good to kick-start a great post-processing procedure. Go from there and try out other possibilities the image could possibly become.

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