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Are Smartphone Ever Completely Replace Your Digital Photography Camera?

by Lyn Pasco December 18,2019 605 Views

Can Smartphone Ever Fully Replace the Professional Camera for Digital Photography?

In some recent time past several technology critics have given a suggestion that the camera technology of the Smartphone will ultimately become very practical that a lot of people will have no need for a DSLR or the mirrorless camera.  It is a pretty bold prediction, therefore let us ponder over several facts.

Smartphone Camera

The War of Megapixels

Whereas the megapixel is typically a measurement of the size of photos that you could shoot, this has been used as a practical marketing tool for manufacturers of Smartphone. There are numerous Smartphone which have an impressive camera quality of 48MP.

To contrast them, the Nikon Z7 and D850 both have 45.7MP while the photography digital camera known as Canon EOS 5DsR comes with about 50.7MP, irrespective of the fact that it comes with bigger image sensors.

So currently, it should be noted that having as many megapixels as one can into a small sensor does not always lead to an image of a higher quality. The Smartphone comes with the Quad Bayer filter, that according to Smartprix actually implies that the phone cameras have been developed to capture 12 MP image quality but can make the quality of the image look like that of a 48MP image.

Digital Photography Camera

The count of high megapixel in Smartphone may not necessarily mean that files with a large quality can be printed as it is done with DSLR cameras which have high megapixels. However, they lead to superior HDR capabilities. Put in another way, cameras of Smartphone are built to concentrate on functioning better in events that have a good dynamic range instead of offering the most excellent details of a picture.

Manual Control instead of settings

Up until now, the absence of the possibility to naturally control the camera settings has been some huge drawback for the cameras of Smartphone. This is no longer the case; numerous phones make it possible for their camera settings to be controlled fully.

The things that can be changed are the ISO, the aperture, shutter speed as well as the white balance. Possibly, you can choose whether to shoot in JPEG and also in RAW, which affords you more flexible options during post-processing.

This changes the game entirely. The ability to control the camera’s settings manually is a basic need for just about anybody that is serious about photography.

An all-purpose device, same price

Whereas there are often complaints regarding the costly price tags of the Smartphone, there is a different manner of looking at it also: the price of the leading model is roughly similar to the DSLR camera for semi-professional. The primary difference? When you purchase this device you are given a telephone, a computer and a digital photography camera all present in one device.

Why mirrorless? DSLR cameras will continue to dominate the market of professional cameras

The size and the weight are all going to play some significant factors however, a photographer that is serious will also find valuable the additional flexibility which comes with the camera, the feeling of satisfaction of using a professional tool for your work as well as the additional image-quality.

These are several reasons that the Smartphone will never replace cameras in professional photography

The quality of the image is always being improved.

Certainly. The camera quality of the Smartphone is improving pretty quickly in addition to the respective quality of the mirror less cameras and DSLR. You could be happy with your current digital photography camera, however, 5 -10 years later there shall something more superior.

The focuses of manufacturers are on the professional markets.

The mobile phone industry could have made compact cameras less attractive for purchase however, this has caused a paradigm shift the manufacturers. It appears now that the focus is currently on professional and semi-professional markets. Majority of photographers who are just starting out do need begin with the camera for semi-professionals.

The digital photography camera is still a step ahead.

A lot of photographers typically get into the trade with the use of mobile camera however, as soon as they get deeper into the art of photographer their wants increase, they purchase and use DSLR or rather a camera that comes without the mirror. The camera continues to be the tool of choice for professionals than the mobile phone.

There are numerous available models to make a choice.

When purchasing a mobile device is most probably that you will purchase one that has the most excellent versatile functions. You do need the Smartphone which is pretty fast, user-friendly, has all the needed apps, uses great cameras as well as functions smoothly. The phones with the best cameras aren’t the most excellent mobile phones. When making a choice between the mirror less or the DSLR, you are free to choose in-between lots of models and discover anyone that fits your needs. A camera is what it is and nothing further.

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Lenses that are of high quality make the needed difference

Any photographer that is a professional should know the essentiality of a glass that is of a high-quality. In using a digital photography camera, your flexibility increases and this also means that different sizes of lenses can be used based on your intended purpose.

The prospect of photography

A lot of factors are affected by the expectations which you have regarding the quality of the image, flexible lenses and settings and, ultimately the photographic ambitions and needs which you have. Cameras for the Smartphone are increasingly more superior than previously to create gorgeous images which can be distributed online and maybe be printed in small sizes.  If some 10 years previously you only needed just a camera that is compact, then what you will be needing now is a Smartphone.

But, the DSLR as well as mirrorless cameras are here to stay. And it isn’t leaving anytime soon. There are still people among enthusiastic photographers who are looking for better quality files as well as more flexibility.

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  1. Cesar December 28, 2019

    Smartphones are great but when it comes to taking a pro photo, nothing will beat a good camera. And I don’t see this changing in the next 10 years. A phone can do a lot of things (jack of all trades) but it’s ultimately a master of none. A camera has to be a master at taking a fantastic photo.

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