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Affordable and Reliable Photo Editing for Product Photographers and Studios

by Lei Plameras December 23,2019 1757 Views

Inexpensive and dependable photo editing services is the best solution for studios and product photographers. Product photography primarily impacts the manner in which customer view the brand of your company and your products.

Reliable-Photo Editing for Product Photographers

If you make use of high-grade images and expert photo editing:

  • People perceive your product to be higher in value. This way, you can make them pay more for the photos.
  • Your brand store appears to be more business-like and authentic – that can increase the reputation of your brand.

You need not have to be a photo editing expert before you can be a master in editing of your photos, our team of professional retouchers are always present to ensure that your photography attains the perfect quality it deserves.

Ephotovn Product Image editing and Photo Enhancement custom services

Editing of photos is an undervalued trade especially when clicked through product photographers elsewhere or in studios. However, editing of photos is needed most of the time for product photography, irrespective of the beautiful manner that the image of a product was captured. The result after editing can vary from the time that the product was previously captured. This is the primary reason that photographers of products and photo studios are demanding for the services of photo editing professionals.

The photography of products is an ideal aspect whereas photo editing processes is larger even. Every studio and product photographer ever is looking to give their customers the best images that they can. Therefore, to accomplish this target Ephotovn will ensure that photographers get the very best through their product image editing processes

We provide services of image editing to a lot of studios and studio photographers in order for the image to be used as a marketing tool or for any other form of promotional activity. A photo which is presentable gains the attention of the viewers as well as retains their interest thus is vital in today’s physical and online industries.

The Product Image Enhancement Services You Deserve

1. Background Removal

The removal of any background away from the photo of the product is a main service that is needed by the photographers of products due to the fact that these photos of products are needed without the presence of a background. And the product is much the focus on this way.

2. Quality product improvement

Get the photo done with an expert touch through the removal of props, smoothening out creases from dresses, reducing all wrinkles from garments, improving the shape as well as symmetry and color.

3. Clipping path

Get the photos the best product image with smooth edges and expertly finished. A method applicable for any form of online marketing paraphernalia and print media resource.

4. Matching of colours and correction

Sometimes, several photos that were taken by some photographers appear in another shade of colour and could be different from the colour of the original product. In order that the balance between colours can be maintained and consistent, photographers need the services of professional photo retouchers.

5. Invisible mannequins

Models are costly and mannequins can steal the attention of your products. Mix up several images to have people focus on the right thing: your product. You get a bigger possibility of sales with this thought.

6. Adding or removal of shadow

Natural, drop and reflection shadows give a subtle depth to your products which will increase their appeal. You can take out the background and retain or include the shadow. This contributes to clear product perception and guarantees a product click or view.

7. Image custom cropping

Send us your custom image cropping ratio for us to hard crop your photo and also custom image margins to edit out for your photo. If you do need some blank space or margin all around your photos, you can just easily let us have the pixel unit of the specification you want.

Editing and optimizing your product photos

There are lots of ways that you can optimize the photos of your products. The following are several things which have the greatest chance of making you successful online.

1. Quality

With an increasing number of people buying things online, there is an ever increasing level of competition. It is more important to be in possession of a premium, genuine-looking product photos which will increase the attractiveness of your product to prospective buyers. About 38% of the consumers will prefer to have the products captured with a simple plain background, however about 33% will also want this product to be captured in context – then you can deliver the photos in both ways. You should ensure that the improved images matches with the actual image of what the customers will get in reality.

2. Consistency

A lot of shoppers online engage in comparative shopping, while not only focusing on the product price. Consistently representing your products makes it a lot easier for the products to be compared by customers. Taking out the image background and making use of the white background can make that consistency happen.

3. Size of file

When it comes to the aspect of SEO as well as the issue of the online experience of customers, the size of a file can be a primary decision factor. Big product photos could cause your web pages to load more slowly, and this simply means that shoppers will want to go back to the previous page – and you lose that customer. Resizing and optimization is one service we can do for you.

4. Mobile-compatibility

Photos of product tend to render a lot differently on different platforms like the mobile device and the personal desktop computer. This is the simple reason to cater for both shopper categories with the correct image sizes. We can get numerous image resizes of just one product photos to be used on pages of products.

The Bottom Line

These services are provided by us using the cost-effective method. Because they all have voluminous orders and need the photos to processes on time, our editing services can be obtained every day at the usual price rates for large orders.

Studios as well as product photographers can get high-end photo improvement with an ideal payment security as well as live customer support and issues handling.

Ephotovn comes as the most excellent alternative for any photo improvement problems you have as we retouch and improve your images in a time period of 24 hours in addition to being pocket-friendly.

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