Category: Photo Retouching

Category: Photo Retouching

7 Common Mistakes & Habits You Need to Break to Master Photoshop Photo Retouching

Jenny Pasco November 24,2019

Photoshop surely is an extremely flexible application that offers you endless ways to get a particular photo editing task done. With different ways of producing a particular effect in Photoshop photo retouching, it could be hard for its users to know which technique will be better for the current task.  Related Post: Learning The Basics


How Much to Charge For Professional Photo Retouching – Hourly vs Project Billing

Yen November 23,2019

When it comes to photo retouching rates, the prices vary and the issue of pricing is sort of a trade secret. The reason for such secrecy is that rates for photo retouching services are a personal thing that only a few professionals are comfortable to discuss. This scenario is not helpful to individuals who are


7 Ways to Make Photo Retouching Services Efficient for Your Needs

Jenny Pasco November 21,2019

Images are extremely valuable and helpful in attracting people to one’s business. Therefore the online stores or e-commerce type of businesses are now adopting product images worldwide. You cannot maximize your e-commerce business without these images whether you are selling in small or large quantities. Convincing customers to release money from their credit cards to


How to Reduce Noise in an Image Using Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

Jenny Pasco November 19,2019

In this era of amazingly high ISO as well as camera sensors which seem to be improving with each passing day, grain and noise are becoming less of a problem than they were in the past. But whenever you need to turn down the noise or grain within your photos, there are fantastic Photoshop techniques


Expert Photo Retouching for Growing Ecommerce and Retailers

Yen November 18,2019

Post-processing is the most important step in product photography even before you upload them to your site. An expert photo retouching is essential in order to make the photos ready. Aside from the purpose of uploading the photos on the website, an expert photo retouching will also make the photos fit for high-quality printing in


Image Requirements for Amazon: How to Optimize Product Photos to Generate More Revenue

Yen November 17,2019

Product photos are one of the key factors that can influence a customer’s purchasing decision. This is why as a seller, you must make sure that the images you present to the customers are appealing, eye-catching, and informative. Amazon is one of the biggest online selling portals. It seems that those who are fond of


How to Use Frequency Separation Technique in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Jenny Pasco November 13,2019

Portrait photographers do what they can to achieve attractive skin in all their images. Thus, actualizing an attractive skin that looks natural is the holy grail of any portrait photographer. Expertly applied makeup as well as good lighting form the basis for beautiful skin, with photo retouching serving as the polish. In this particular tutorial,


4 Sacrifices You Will Make To Become a Professional Photographer

Jenny Pasco November 10,2019

Anybody can take photographs. Who has not snapped a fantastic scenery of sunrise atop a hill or sunset upon a beach? Or snapped a cute photo of their lovely pets? Or even snap moments from celebrations, events or memorable occasions with their friends, loved ones and family? And virtually everyone you can think of have


How To Whiten Teeth In Photoshop – Quick & Simple [VIDEO Tutorial]

Jenny Pasco November 6,2019

Are you seeking to remove the yellow color from teeth within your images? There are times your charming portraits may be near perfect. Except of course the yellow color of the teeth. This happens to be one lesson I’d would have loved to experiment on myself – getting crystal white teeth. Achieving this in Photoshop


The Reasons Why Photo Color Correction Service Important

Yen November 5,2019

Image editing will be incomplete without a touch of a photo color correction service. You cannot do without colors when you are editing a picture, and this service is where it all starts and ends. It is primarily for exploring different colors on a particular product in order to get the one that will be



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