Clipping Path vs. Image Masking – Which is Best for Background Removal?

Lyn Pasco October 25,2019

Both clipping path and image masking facilitate photo editing services as they are effective photo editing techniques and used to remove unwanted objects from the background of images. The major distinction between them is the way in which you used to eliminate the undesirable object. Clipping Path Clipping path is a photo editing technique used

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5 Top Clipping Path Service Providers – [Review and Comparison]

Yen October 24,2019

Managing a business can be tedious if you do everything on your own. Keeping up with clients’ and customers’ requests would be difficult. It will be also hard to compete if you don’t have a fast-paced work process. In industries such as in e-commerce, one needs to maintain steady process flow. This means that having

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7 Questions to Ask a Clipping Path Service Provider Before Outsourcing

Lyn Pasco October 21,2019

The world around technology is developing fast as same as the clipping path service providers are growing their networks but the real dilemma is if you outsource an agency for removing background and clipping images then how you are going to ensure about the output quality of your images.  Whether they are going to clip

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11 Effective Ecommerce Tips to Present Product Images that Boost Conversions

Lyn Pasco September 26,2019

How you present products in the website can help consumers into buying. This is why it is essential that product images look realistic and pleasant at the same time. There are product photos and there are effective product photos. You should not only be armed with the usual photos because most of the customers will

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5 Tips to Improve e-Commerce Product Photos for More Sales

Lyn Pasco September 20,2019

How the products are presented speaks about the company. In the real world, a shopper walks into a shop because they were attracted on the displays they see from the outside. It is the same with online shops where customers are enticed to buy products because they like the pictures that they see. To simply

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5 Popular Photo Editing Software For Clipping Path Service Providers

Yen September 18,2019
clipping path - cover 2

Clipping path could be one of the most important among photo editing services. It has a lot of uses that is why it is a very popular service acquired by many industries. E-commerce for example benefits from clipping path services because it covers background removal. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, it is important that you prepare

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Ghost Mannequin Photography: How to Create a Product/ Clothing 3D Effect

Lei Plameras September 17,2019
ghost mannequin

When selling online, it requires good effort and innovative ways to effectively promote products. Sellers should be creative in presenting their products to customers. Since these kinds o products are only available to view online, ghost mannequin are especially important for products such as garments and clothes. The use of mannequins is one great way

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What Is Clipping Path – 4 Reasons Why It Is Important for E-commerce

Lyn Pasco September 11,2019

E-commerce sites rely on properly optimized images to entice customers into buying products. This is why various photo editing services are offered across different industries. Businesses need to have the best images to showcase their products and services. Clipping path is among these photo editing services. What Is A Clipping Path Clipping path is a

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Finding the Affordable Clipping Path Service for Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

Yen September 5,2019

Running your own business is a challenge on its own. You need to have the perfect business plan to keep the business going. On top of that, you also need to keep all the costs as minimal as possible and aim for higher returns. If you are starting out, the pressure can be unbearable. You

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How to Remove Background in a Photo using Photoshop

Lei Plameras September 2,2019
background removal

Photo background removal is among the most popular product image editing services. Aside from product photos, there are other applications that requires background removal service. Professional photographers use this technique to enhance their photographs. Photo studios also need to remove bg from time to time in order to meet the specifications of their clients. Even

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