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How To Choose for The Best Clipping Path Service – Tips and Considerations

by Lyn Pasco October 26,2019 3588 Views

Choosing The Best Clipping Path ServiceAre you passionately looking for the best image clipping path service provider online to entrust the post processing of images for your photography business, marketing creative designs and even for e-commerce product photos? 

You don’t have to worry, here are the basic guidelines to choose the best clipping path service provider for your image editing needs. As clipping path is the most popular technique used to give your images a fine high-end retouch and advanced visual enhancement.

What is a Clipping Path?

Also known as photo cut-out, image clipping, closed vector path and deep etching, clipping path is an essential method used for professional digital image editing. It is a vector that outlines the object from an image, tracing around its edges using tools in Photoshop. Mostly, there are two purposes of clipping path services such as eliminating the object from the background and wrapping text around it.

How is Clipping Paths Used for E-Commerce?

It is most important for displaying products on online selling websites to look more amusing and attract multiple audiences with its visuals. The main purpose of having a clipping path is to make the product images standout by removing the background. You can replace the background of an object from your image or simply save it with a transparent background using this photo editing technique. 

Why Outsource a Clipping Path Service?

If you are looking for photo editing services such as clipping images and image masking, then it is better for you to outsource a clipping path service provider or agency. Outsourcing is a great idea as an e-commerce industry, there is a big scale of images that needs enhancement and finest photo retouching for each products to sell more. The clipping path service providers use a variety of tools and technology to deliver best quality of images.

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Cutting out your image neatly and professionally is a time consuming way. It requires a lot of zooming in-and-out, basic editing, and clicking. Someone must have some Illustrator or Photoshop skills to do or outsourcing the job is a better option if you need a faster and more professional results. 

How Much Does Photo Clipping Path Service Cost?

Basically, the cost of clipping path service starts at $0.35 per image (considering this is the cheapest rate and can get it by ordering bulk) upto $10 per image (for very complex object) depending on the complexity of the image. 

top clipping path services
SAMPLE: service rate for this ranges from $6 to $10

There are many things that should be considered while choosing your clipping path service provider such as consumed time and costing factors. Firstly, look into the total cost of operation to ensure per image cost that will end up as expensive on the long run. 

Consider factors like onboarding, management, turnaround time, scale, and quality if you want to save time and get your products to start selling. Before trusting your clipping path job to any photo editors, you need answers to the following questions.

  • How experience they are?
  • What is the dispatch time?
  • How many clipping paths the company have drawn so far?
  • Will you get high-quality work?
  • Do they offer professional customer support?
  • What are the ways of communication?

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Bottom Line

The best clipping path service provider should offer hand drawn clipping path rather than automatic clipping. Although, they can offer both services, it is always easy to manage the quality and cost when the customers have options for the images based on the needed requirements. 

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