7 Questions to Ask a Clipping Path Service Provider Before Outsourcing

Jenny Pasco October 21,2019

Outsourcing Clipping Path Service Provider

The world around technology is developing fast as same as the clipping path service providers are growing their networks but the real dilemma is if you outsource an agency for removing background and clipping images then how you are going to ensure about the output quality of your images. 

Whether they are going to clip your image with a high-end retouching or whether they are just giving a simple retouching looks to it? Is the final output image is going to be natural or realistic? Is there any series of questions come to your mind to ask or is there any available checklist of questions? 

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Here is an awesome checklist of questions which you need to ask if you outsource a clipping path service provider to make sure about the output quality of your given photos.

1. How am I giving instructions?

A reliable service provider must have a system that allows customers to create clear specifications for the required job. You can define whether your clipping path is done by hand or automatically, allows you to set  the image size, aspect ratio, choose file format, set margins, cropping, shadows, etc. This will give proper guidelines to avoid errors, meet your expectations and deadlines while preventing your orders from getting on the wrong track. 

The best image editing service providers should communicate well and create a friendly workspace with the customers providing basic instructions about the services offered per image.

2. How is the clipping path drawn?

Nowadays, a lot of softwares are available for automation of clipping images and clipping mask, so it depends upon your need for the situation. An automatic generated clipping path can save a lot of time and you will get a fine photo retouching in less cost but the accuracy of the image is enhanced through a hand-drawn or manually made clipping path as it is done by actual zooming by humans with the use of Photoshop Pen tool but it will take longer. 

A dependable clipping path service offers options for you to choose from – either – manually made by hand paths or automatic clipping paths. This will help you manage the cost and quality required for your photo editing needs. 

3. How long is the delivery time of my order?

There are no boundaries in providing etched images to you in many diverse ways. Time is a key principle in e-commerce product photo editing. The best clipping path service provider can deliver your images with high-end retouching within 24 hrs or less. On time delivery of your image represents high credibility for the service provider.

4. Is there a guarantee for quality?

Quality assurance simply depends upon the guarantee that clipping paths should be drawn appropriately so that it will satisfy the customers’ requirements. There should be an interface that does review the before and after of retouched and edited images so that it can provide a medium for stating the reasons for rejection. It will help clipping path service provider to save time and provide the expected image output.

5. What are the ways of communication?

The most basic skill for outsourcing is effective communications skills. An excellent reputable clipping path service provider provides communication opportunities through email, phone, chat and online web portals or more than that.

6. What is their reputation? Do they have good reviews from past customers?

Providing the best photo editing services and photo retouching with finesse is a hectic business as one have to collaborate in every aspect. It is completely different from normal photo editing so choose an outsourcer carefully and professionally. Check whether how long does the company is already running. Is it stable and established? How big is the company? How responsive and professional is its customer support? And how reliable when it comes to meeting deadlines and providing quality results?

7. Can the clipping path service scale with my needs?

Photo editing and retouching services have periodic ups and downs. The workflow, communication and turnaround time for you is the same for the best clipping path service provider. Just search the previous record of work of your photo editing provider. If an agency already provides services to massive photo editing projects than they will not disintegrate in the future as well. If you opt for an outsourced clipping path service, make sure to choose the best one that you can grow with your business. 

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