5 Tips to Improve e-Commerce Product Photos for More Sales

Jenny Pasco September 20,2019

How the products are presented speaks about the company. In the real world, a shopper walks into a shop because they were attracted on the displays they see from the outside. It is the same with online shops where customers are enticed to buy products because they like the pictures that they see.

To simply put it, product photos can either make or break your e-commerce site. This is why there are plenty of providers for an e-commerce image editing service. Many companies have learned their lessons well and have come to accept that if they want their sites to flourish, they must look for reliable photo editing services to take care of their product photos.

An e-commerce image editing service is a special kind of image editing. Unlike magazine photos that need to look perfect, e-commerce photo editing requires preservation of all product details in order to make them look real. Many online buyers get disappointed with what they receive because of too much image editing of the products. If what the photo needs is only a clipping path service, then it should be followed so as to keep the photos natural and authentic.

Of course there are photos that need more than an image background removal. Some providers of e-commerce image editing service offer other kinds of photo editing services, like color correction, in order to meet the specifications of the client.

5 Tips to Improve Your e-Commerce Product Photos

If you are faced with the problem of improving your product photos, here are 5 tips that can help you out using e-commerce image editing service:

1. Be Consistent.

Offer Multiple Angles - Product Photo Editing

Image Source: https://www.coldwatercreek.com/jewelry

The key to achieving a professional touch for your photos is to be consistent with how products are photographed. When you ask for an e-commerce image editing service, make sure that all photos are applied with the same theme in editing them. The background, for example, should all be the same. The products should also be shot in the same angle. The cohesive look in the collection will give a sense of identity to your site and will also impress the customers for your impeccable eye for detail.

Ephotvn offers color correction on top of background removal for product photos.

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2. Use Simple Props.

Use Simple Props - Product Photo Editing

Image Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/523016545/jewellery-and-watch-holder-in-coral

When your photos undergo an e-commerce image editing service, make sure to have only simple props be added on the photos. Having a lot of things in the picture will only create a distraction. Only the product should remain as the focal point in the photo. It is encouraged to have simple props if you want to make it look more interesting.

3. Present in Multiple Angles.

Present in Multiple Angles - Product Photo Editing

Image Source: https://www.zappos.com/p/reebok-forever-floatride-energy-solid-teal-white-black-silver/product/9147311/color/786062

It is difficult for a customer to inspect a product through pictures. Show multiple angles of your product so customers can imagine how it would look when worn. It is important that when having photos for an e-commerce image editing service, the quality should be preserved. The photos should still look great when zoomed in, especially if you are showing different angles.

4. Show How the Product is Used

e-commerce image editing service

Image Source: https://bohemiantraders.com/

It is not enough that a customer can see the details of a product. Ephotovn has several varieties of e-commerce image editing service where you can specifically ask the editor to show how products look like when used. Whether you have a live model or choose to use props and dummies, a professional editor can enhance the photos to show the products in the best light as possible.

5. Use Real People in Photographs

e-commerce image editing service

Image Source: https://www.timex.com/

Adding a human touch to your product presentation can definitely make product photos stand out. Real live models can be photographed while using your products. Such photos can be added on the set of product photos that show the products in different angles.

On top of a high-quality e-commerce image editing service, you can depend on Ephotovn’s photo retouching to ensure that the people featured together with the products look at their best too.

Online shoppers also tend to get confused from the quantity of shops that sell the same products. In fact, there are literally thousands of online shops that compete for a single customer. The only way to beat the competition is to present the best product photos for your target customers. You need to impress them even at a glance so that they will choose your product over anyone else.

Are you in need of professional quality e-commerce photo editing?

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  1. That’s the point! Preserving the product details not making it look unreal with so much unnecessary editing. I think I gotta share this with the fellow handling our e-commerce image editing. The tips here will come in really handy.


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