7 Common Mistakes in Your Clothing & Apparel Photography

Yen November 14,2019

If you are in the fashion industry or dealing with clothes, apparel, accessories, and other related stuff, then you must be concern about perfecting clothing & apparel photography. After all, the main goal here is to succeed in the business so you must be aware that how the products are presented really matters. When it

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5 Top Background Removal Service Providers – [Review and Comparison]

Yen November 9,2019

Background removal service is one of the most valuable among photo editing services. This service is acquired from simple advertising graphic needs to large e-commerce businesses. A photograph with a transparent background is very valuable since it can be reused over and over. Removing the background and isolating the main subject enables you to recreate

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10 Free Photo Editing Apps To Woo Your Instagram Followers

Lyn Pasco October 29,2019

Are you bored of your Instagram photos? Do you want your images to look even better and professional? We bring to you top awesome free photo editing apps that can woo your followers and gain you even more fans, fame and followers. For Instagram celebrities, bloggers or even entrepreneurs, here is a way to improve

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5 Top Clipping Path Service Providers – [Review and Comparison]

Yen October 24,2019

Managing a business can be tedious if you do everything on your own. Keeping up with clients’ and customers’ requests would be difficult. It will be also hard to compete if you don’t have a fast-paced work process. In industries such as in e-commerce, one needs to maintain steady process flow. This means that having

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10 Product Photography Tips for Effective Ecommerce Photos that Sells

Lyn Pasco October 16,2019

“A picture paints a thousand words” they say but with stunning product photos, it means more sales from a thousand website visits. That is how valuable product photography is in any kind of business, most especially with e-commerce. More people are preferring to shop online but there are still those who prefer to buy something

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Portrait Photography – 8 Tips for Perfect & Artistic Portraits

Lyn Pasco October 15,2019

Snapshots are photos that were taken spontaneously, without artistic intent. They are technically imperfect as they lack the qualities that are seen on professionally-shot portraits. If you are aiming for quality portrait photography, the priority is to avoid making the pictures look amateur or just mere snapshots. There are portrait photography tips that you can

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A Need for Photography Editing Service

Yen October 14,2019
photography editing service - cover

A Debate Over Beauty and Reality Let’s begin with the debate among many photographers about post-processing. Over the years, many are still not inclined on the thought of editing photos. One of the main reasons is the denial of the reality about the subject. Editing photos will not only change the image but will also

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75 High-end Beauty Retouching Tutorials

Yen October 7,2019
beauty retouching tutorials - cover

Beauty photo retouching is one of the editing techniques that take a lot of time to perfect. There are certain standards that you need to meet and it always varies on the client’s needs. You must also be very attentive and meticulous in editing each part of the photograph. By mastering beauty photo editing, it

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How to Retouch Eyelashes & Eyebrows Using Photoshop [Video]

Lei Plameras October 4,2019

One of the main focal points on the face of a headshot or portrait image is the eye area. In general photo retouching, one of the particular features of the face that are often overlooked are minor elements such as the eyebrows and eyelashes. Apart from the eye itself it is often missed. But in

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4 Powerful and Influential Photographs that Moved the World

Yen September 30,2019

Many of our great and famous photographers were born to be first-hand witnesses of the world’s beauty and chaos. Many photographers leave their comfort zones to document unlikely events. They go out of their way to document wars, conflicts, violence and other forms of suffering. Their instincts led them to capture significant moments and send

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