3 Effective Methods for a Smooth Beautiful Skin – A Photo Retouching Tutorial

Lei Plameras October 10,2019
photoshop retouching tutorials

To obtain beautiful smooth-looking skin on a subject in photographs, completely descent photo retouching tutorial could get in handy. Retouching skin in Photoshop seem difficult at first, but is surprisingly easy. In addition, there are great techniques that could really help. What you need is a little time for this small lesson. Keeping the edit

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75 High-end Beauty Retouching Tutorials

Yen October 7,2019
beauty retouching tutorials - cover

Beauty photo retouching is one of the editing techniques that take a lot of time to perfect. There are certain standards that you need to meet and it always varies on the client’s needs. You must also be very attentive and meticulous in editing each part of the photograph. By mastering beauty photo editing, it

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How to Retouch Eyelashes & Eyebrows Using Photoshop [Video]

Lei Plameras October 4,2019

One of the main focal points on the face of a headshot or portrait image is the eye area. In general photo retouching, one of the particular features of the face that are often overlooked are minor elements such as the eyebrows and eyelashes. Apart from the eye itself it is often missed. But in

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Ghost Mannequin Photography: How to Create a Product/ Clothing 3D Effect

Lei Plameras September 17,2019
ghost mannequin

When selling online, it requires good effort and innovative ways to effectively promote products. Sellers should be creative in presenting their products to customers. Since these kinds o products are only available to view online, ghost mannequin are especially important for products such as garments and clothes. The use of mannequins is one great way

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How to Create Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop – 5 Video Tutorials to Guide You

Lyn Pasco September 7,2019
ghost mannequin

People who have online clothing stores generally use either a live model or a mannequin in photographing products. Compared to a live model, mannequins are more efficient and are more cost-effective. It is usually referred to as ghost mannequin photography since the final photos do not show the mannequin itself. The tricky thing about it

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How to Remove Background in a Photo using Photoshop

Lei Plameras September 2,2019
background removal

Photo background removal is among the most popular product image editing services. Aside from product photos, there are other applications that requires background removal service. Professional photographers use this technique to enhance their photographs. Photo studios also need to remove bg from time to time in order to meet the specifications of their clients. Even

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How to Create a Cool Text Graphic Effects Using Clipping Mask in Photoshop

Lyn Pasco August 1,2019

Photoshop has a wide range of tools that can be used to create a multitude of effects in a single picture. It is great to be aware of the different techniques that are used by photo editing companies to enhance an image. Having a background about how the effects are achieved will not only enhance

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