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Outsourcing E-commerce Photo Editing Services – How Long Does It Take To Edit Product Photos?

by Lyn Pasco January 24,2020 1487 Views

How Long Does It Take To Edit Product Photos

There is no question as to how important it is to edit product photos for any online shop. In fact, the success of any e-commerce business lies on how well the products are presented to the potential customers. It is therefore essential that product photo editing is given enough attention to make the photos look as appealing as they can be to the target audience. It is vital that you are able to showcase the best photos if you want to make more sales.

How Long Does It Take To Edit Product Photos
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The big question, however, is how much time should be spent on editing photos? As an online entrepreneur, it is essential that you are able to determine how much time you must give yourself whenever you edit product photos. Just like any other industries, time is gold in an online business and you need to make sure that the time spent on editing photos should not hinder you from achieving maximum success.

These factors determine how long it would take to edit product photos for your shop:

1.  What platform are you using for your site?

Whether it is on Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay, certain requirements must be met before you can upload product photos. Some platforms are not too particular and will let you upload photos as is. The above-mentioned shops, however, are more streamlined and have guidelines that will make product photo editing longer.

Ebay product Photos
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2. How good are the raw/original images?

You cannot expect to edit product photos in minutes when you have badly-taken photos. If photos are already in good quality, then less time will be spent on retouching them.

3. What types of edits are required?

As mentioned in the first factor, there are guidelines that must be followed in editing product photos. Some photos only require resizing but there are also photos that will need to undergo background removal and other special photo editing techniques.

4. How good are you at editing product photos?

Expert photo editors can perform photo retouching services in less than five minutes. This time goes up if you are just learning your way with photo editing tools. A learning curve is expected especially if it is your first time to edit product photos. Some techniques also take time to master and you couldn’t risk not giving your best in editing every product photo.

5. How much are you willing to lose for editing photos?

When you edit product photos, you tend to lose control of the time that you spend in doing so. This means that you will lose time that can be spent on productive work, such as tending to customer inquiries, developing a marketing plan, and doing a market analysis. Instead of maximizing your time to earn more, you are losing a lot for trying to do the edits on your own.

Bottom Line

Given the above considerations, you also have the option to outsource product photo editing services. When going this route, you only have to factor in the lead time of the photo editing company. For example, our team of expert editors here in Ephotovn, can complete editing thousands of photos in as fast as 24 hours. It should not be a problem when you choose to outsource the needed edits because you will reap its benefits.

How Long Does It Take To Edit Product Photos

Some of the advantages of outsourcing product photo edits include giving you more time to work on other important aspects of the online business. You can spend the extra time to develop a better marketing plan or to give yourself time to rest from all the stress at work. Outsourcing also means you never have to lose precious time over learning new skills in Photoshop or other photo editing software. More importantly, the costs of outsourcing this type of service is nothing compared to the money you lose if you are unable to upload the best photos on your site. Imagine losing customers because of badly-edited photos, right?

With a professional to take the responsibility of editing product photos, you are rest assured that you will have high-quality pictures for your e-commerce site. This will give you comfort knowing that customers will enjoy their shopping experience because they are able to see product photos that look as great as the actual products. This will also help eliminate missed opportunities just because customers are turned off of the photos that you have.

For special photo retouching services like clipping path service and highend photo retouching, you can trust Ephotovn to make the appropriate edits that will help your business flourish.

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