10 Common Mistakes in Jewelry Photography & Tips to Avoid It

Lyn Pasco October 8,2019

Jewelry photography is fun but it tends to be complicated. Yes, it stays still and does not move a lot unlike a human model, but it does have its own quirky characteristics. First, jewelry is reflective. It can be pretty challenging to shoot with a good lighting, and try not to look like it is

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How to Retouch Eyelashes & Eyebrows Using Photoshop [Video]

Lei Plameras October 4,2019

One of the main focal points on the face of a headshot or portrait image is the eye area. In general photo retouching, one of the particular features of the face that are often overlooked are minor elements such as the eyebrows and eyelashes. Apart from the eye itself it is often missed. But in

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10 Newborn Photography Tips to Capture Perfect Baby Photos

Yen September 23,2019
newborn photo editing - Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn babies are so cute! They’re so adorable with their innocence, tiny fingers, and subtle movements. It’s like the angels sent them for us to forget our entire being and give us a certain joyous feeling. This is why we love to capture their photographs to make the feeling last. And while they look perfect

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Ghost Mannequin Photography: How to Create a Product/ Clothing 3D Effect

Lei Plameras September 17,2019
ghost mannequin

When selling online, it requires good effort and innovative ways to effectively promote products. Sellers should be creative in presenting their products to customers. Since these kinds o products are only available to view online, ghost mannequin are especially important for products such as garments and clothes. The use of mannequins is one great way

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