How to Know It’s Time to Outsource Photo Retouching and Editing

Jenny Pasco December 16,2019

The concept to outsource photo retouching is one that many photographers and marketing teams find difficult to explore. The foremost reason is that it is kind of weird to have someone else finish your work as a photographer. As for a marketing team, it seems challenging to have someone else outside of the team to


Why Opt for Ephotovn Professional Clipping Path Services?

Jenny Pasco December 15,2019

E-commerce operators, marketing agencies, photo studios, etc. can bear witness that images are essentially important in selling any product. Nevertheless, using any type of image wouldn’t do it for you. It ought to be artistically and properly clipped to make customers respond the way they ought to. We can change your images with the help


Photography Tips – How Much Should Photographers Charge In 2020?

Jenny Pasco December 14,2019

If you are making a living out of photography, it is very essential that you are aware about the changing trends in photography and more so about how much photographers charge every year. You must be updated about the current pricing standards for you to be able to support yourself by running a profitable business.


How to Keep the Natural Skin Texture in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Jenny Pasco December 13,2019

Keeping the Natural Skin Texture

In this particular tutorial, you would be learning how you can apply an incredible technique in Photoshop for creating natural skin texture. A unique and effective approach to addressing rough skin texture as well as pores without compromising the necessary features which make an image to appear professional and natural. This is one efficient way


Affordable Photo Retouching Services – Why Outsource Your Job to Ephotovn?

Jenny Pasco December 12,2019

Are you in search of a low price but effective method to have your photos have the required impression on your customers, particularly through marketing, promotions and advertising campaigns? If this is the case then, photo retouching might be what you are looking for. Sending out your promotional campaigns with professional images can immensely help


Image Post-Processing Techniques: A Guide for Beginners in Photography (Part 1)

Jenny Pasco December 10,2019

Stop misplacing the priorities regarding photos with professional quality.  When it comes to photo retouching and image post-processing, use Adobe Photoshop to your advantage. From curves to exposure to adjustment layers, reduce the time you use for post-processing. Do not spend unnecessary time on what will not account for your optimal performance or a more


Getting Image Clipping Path Outsource Service At Low Price (Starting at $0.35)

Yen December 9,2019

Why do you need image clipping path, outsource service at low price? If your business is online or media-related, we know what your needs are! Gone are the traditional era when people implemented any type of image they had on their websites. These days, an enhanced image plays an important role in attracting clients and


What Is Post-Production or Post-Processing in Photography? Why Is It Important?

Jenny Pasco December 8,2019

You may have heard about photography related terms like “post-processing,”“post-production,” or just “post”. Let us break the terms down.  These three terms – post-processing, post-production, as well as post can be used interchangeably. The production refers to what occurs on a location or set; it is whatever you are doing anytime you move about with


How to Enhance and Improve Image Color in Photoshop [VIDEO Tutorial]

Jenny Pasco December 7,2019

In this particular Photoshop tutorial, we are going to explore how to execute tinting, color corrections and color enhancement with basic Photoshop tools such as Gradient Map, Hue/Saturation, as well as Curves Adjustment Layer. Even if these very tools are not regarded as amongst the most used features in Photoshop, they certainly deserve to be


Get the Most by Outsourcing High-end Retouching Services from Ephotovn

Jenny Pasco December 6,2019

In order to get results while using your sophisticated camera, vast level of experience is required to get the best snapshots. There are lots of factors which come into play to improve a picture’s quality. This is why taking the perfect shots can be very difficult. This is the reason why our professional photo retouching



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