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Jenny Pasco December 5,2019

Photos of kids and babies can be really cute. Just like every other professional photographer, there is no doubt that you understand how images like these can be made to be more adorable. The problem is that such photo retouching a task may prove too much for you to handle especially when the time is very limited. How can justice be done to such adorable newborn photos? 

Newborn Photo Retouching Services before
Newborn Photo Retouching Services after

Ephotovn is here to help out in the best way possible. Although projects like these are more complicated, they are our most favorites. By using our expertise in Photoshop, you will be amazed at how these photos will be transformed into something really stunning. 

Let’s make your pictures standout

We tend to offer newborn post – photography services that are of high quality. These will be customized in line with your needs. In order to ensure you are getting top results, our team will be making use of various editing and retouching techniques. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure your images come alive.

We are your best shot

We will help you edit those photos to become more perfect after they have been taken. Photos involving babies and children can be very tasking. We want to help you handle the most complicated aspect which is editing and retouching. With us around, you can maximize your time by improving your skills to help capture those special moments. We will handle everything that has to do with baby or newborn photo retouching services.

How we can help to make baby photos more adorable? The newborn photo retouching services that we render include some of the following below:

Baby Portrait Editing

Baby portraits are tricky given that they usually don’t cooperate with photographers. In order to ensure such portrait is looking correct, we can carry out head movement or swapping. A great amount of patience is always required when trying to take photos of kids, toddles and babies. You need to be sensitive enough to ensure those great moments are captured. The background will appear distorted and messy most times. Such portrait can be corrected in the best way possible today with Ephotovn newborn photo retouching services. 

Newborn Photo Retouching before
Newborn Photo Retouching after

Baby skin smoothing 

The skins of babies are sensitive. They are flaky, visibly red and patchy. Patches like these can be enhanced with studio lights and photographs of high quality. We can get them removed and ensure the texture of their skin appear soft. 

There are babies that have reddish skin or bluish. This is because it is very thin to the extent of appearing translucent. We can make their cheeks and lips maintain their natural colors. 

Babies are likely to have wrinkles especially when they are only a few days old. This is due to how they are gaining weight. If there is any need for such wrinkles to be reduced, we can help handle that process. 

baby Photo Retouching before
baby Photo Retouching after

Removal of baby products from background

For ecommerce companies, we can help to do some background removal and adjustments for baby photos. This includes removing of products for kids. This makes their photos to appear clean and neat. Most baby products involve textures that are soft and fluffy. This requires the edges to be carefully isolated. 

We do handle multiple editing as well as photo retouching with great amount of consistency. This will help such images to be perfect for presentation in any ecommerce store. 

Gentle color adjustment

Most colors and tones which are used in babies’ products do have hues that are distinct. They can be heavy when looked at. We are highly skilled in making the needed adjustments. We will do accurate and soft color editing in such photos. The background, skin and color will definitely be consistent. 

Why Trust Ephotovn For Newborn Photo Retouching Services?

We are directly involved in each of the photo enhancement phases. The aim is to ensure that your expectations are met. In case you have any concern, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Inform us if you want us to handle any editing. We prioritize the needs of our clients. We can help you produce adorable photos for newborn that will keep your clients coming back.

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