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Pastel – 15 Lightroom Presets Perfect for Portrait, Lifestyle, & Fashion Photography

by Lyn Pasco April 15,2020 1173 Views

Pastel Free Lightroom Presets

Spark your creativity and bring out life to your photos! It’s time to take them to the next level with the use of presets that have been developed for all types of lighting and photography scenarios. Easily edit your images and quickly create a unique experience by changing how they look. With the use of these pastel lightroom presets for lifestyle photography, swap up different styles and look instantly with a few clicks. Whether you’re just a newbie or a pro, this collection will take your photos to the next level.


Why Use Pastel Effects on your Images?

Do you want to make your photograph have that perfect lenience and subtly feel? This 15 Free Adobe Lightroom Pastel Presets is designed to give photos a warmer and softer appearance by adding pastel tones in shadows. Thus, making your images  feel lighter, subtle, and calming. This preset is ideal for pictures taken under natural light, the best lightroom presets work well with portraits, lifestyle, fashion and outdoor photos. 

Lists of presets we are giving for free

Download these lightroom presets for lifestyle photography for absolutely free for personal and commercial use. Know how to install lightroom presets on the bottom of this post. 

1. Pastel – Pink Sky

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This lightroom preset enhances the red tones on images which tends to add an amazing soft pop mood to otherwise ordinary pictures. This will give your photographs a vintage, “faded w/ time” matte appearance and slightly applying a split toning effect. This lightroom preset is great for lifestyle photography, fashion, portraits, weddings and more, giving a feminine touch.

2. Pastel – Cotton Candy 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This preset is a great definition of pastel color because it gives an impression of cotton candy effect. And any image will not look dull with this effect. Colors pop while giving your photos an elegant faded look. This is definitely going to be one of the stunning lightroom presets for lifestyle photography! 

3. Pastel – Mellow Morning

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This preset adds natural warmth to your images. that amend the photograph gently. Making images more lively but more delicate feel, bringing out a visually stunning image.

4. Pastel – Sultry Pastel

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This effect makes visual elements on the photos more vivid without being too intense. Textures are present, also still keeping the contrast  but with a sensation making hues appear mild and subtle.

5. Pastel – Pastel Love 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This effect brings photos to life by amplifying light and colors subtly in the overall image.  The results appear modern, smooth, elegant and flawless. It gives an impression or subtle warming and cooling. One of the best lightroom preset effects in this pack to enhance your photos.

6. Pastel – Cool Down 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This preset effect has been designed to give your photos a soft beautiful look with pastel tones. It doesn’t change the photo much but the new slightly warm pastel tones make it better by showing gentleness and mildness with a matte finish.

7. Pastel – Subtle Charm 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This lightroom preset effect adds a soft glow and a flat, sophisticated and slightly sepia effect to your ordinary photographs. Looks great when used on editing portraits.

8. Pastel – Blush 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
Pastel – Blush is a free lightroom preset effect that adds a nice orange faded effect to an image. Giving it a conservative, lenient and dreamy look. This preset is most likely fit for images captured outdoors with a wide variety of color effects.

9. Pastel – Pale 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This specific free lightroom preset effect changes your photos into a simple faded sense. This preset has an effect that is perfect for images with bright colors. The yellow tones on this preset are decreased or desaturated which results in a pale color to give the image that faded minimal vintage look.

10. Pastel – Finesse

Pastel Lightroom Presets
Pastel – Finesse is a free lightroom preset effect that adds warmth to your photos dramatically giving the overall softness and subtleness. Applying this lightroom preset for lifestyle photography to colorful and vibrant photos with enough sunlight will absolutely look stunning.

11. Pastel – Soft Peach 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This preset effect gives your photographs a trip back in time. When you want your photos to look like they’ve been taken from the 1970s colored photographs era, then this is the best preset to apply. A vintage faded feel that still goes together with the pastel theme. 

12. Pastel – Romantic Fade

Pastel Lightroom Presets
This is probably one of the best effects in this pack. If you want your images to have a modern dramatic look, more of like images you see on tumblr. Then, this is the editing setting you’ll need to achieve it.

13. Pastel – Pale Autumn

Pastel Lightroom Presets
If you prefer a melodramatic feel, this preset is perfect to go with your images. The desaturated colors tie together with the somber theme completely. 

14. Pastel – Cool Mint 

Pastel Lightroom Presets
When applied to images, this preset effect adds cold and soft fade to the image to warm tones. This desaturates the colors to your images giving off a certain nostalgic impact. Using these lightroom presets for lifestyle photography is a great way to display images with this style.

15. Pastel – Satin Peach

Pastel Lightroom Presets
Improve your photos by giving them a warm old-fashioned feel using these lightroom presets for lifestyle photography. This effect is great with fashion portrait images giving it a gentle, graceful and warmer effect.

How to Install the Presets 

If you already have Adobe Lightroom on your computer it is fairly easy to install lightroom presets.  How to install Lightroom presets? Follow these simple steps to get installed and get started editing your photos.

See the video to see how easy it is to install presets in Adobe Lightroom. Enjoy!

On Desktop or Computer

1. The first step is to download the Free Ephotovn Pastel Lightroom Presets for Lifestyle Photography here.  Note that most lightroom presets free download zip file is what you’ll initially get. Then, extract or unzip the folder. You’ll see the .XMP files inside which are the preset file extensions.

2. Then, open up Adobe Lightroom.

3. Next, Go to the Develop Module on the upper right area of the Lightroom workspace.

4. Locate the Preset panel. You should see it on the left part of the screen. Add “New Folder”. Do this in order for the presets to show in an organized way. How? by right clicking on the Presets Panel.

5. Now that the new folder is made, right-click on the Blossom Presets folder. After that select Import. Notice that a new window will pop up. Locate your downloaded presets. Simply, select the presets and click Import.


There you go! This is how simple it is to install these free lightroom presets. We hope this collection of 15 Lightroom Presets Perfect for Portrait, Lifestyle, & Fashion Photography will help you edit your photos easily. Use them as you wish. Enjoy!

And if you’re looking to create more amazing effects for your collection of images, tune in to make sure to catch the next batch of Free Lightroom Presets from Ephotovn.

We also made 100+ More Free Lightroom Presets for various photography that you’ll surely like.

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