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Graphic Design Tools For Various Design Teams for 2023

by Lyn Pasco November 28,2022 1117 Views

graphic design tools

Graphic design tools are designed to help creative teams and communities create compelling designs for various design projects.

Graphic design software increases efficiency while allowing designers to maintain high-quality designs. But how do these graphic design tools specifically help design communities?

The power of graphic design extends beyond giving noteworthy designs. It can also be used to bridge the gap between the business and its customers to guarantee the best experience. In this article, you will learn how the variety of features and functions of graphic design software makes it easy for the design industry to create professional-looking designs quickly.

How do Industries, in General, Benefit from Graphic Design Tools?

1. Streamlines the Design Process

It is easier to create and edit designs using software because you can program them according to the current design specifications that you need. Designers do not need to start from scratch, so producing professional-quality designs is faster.

2. Eliminates Human Errors

A computer program does not get tired, so it cannot make mistakes due to overfatigue. With software, you can maintain an accurate and consistent design which is essential in branding and marketing.

3. Reduces Workload

From conceptualization to the actual design process, designers do a ton of work. They also need to coordinate with the marketing team and the management for any design specifications for current or future projects. Some of the workloads can be delegated to graphic design tools, freeing some time off the designers’ hands.

4. Saves Management Costs

Some businesses cannot afford a big creative team. With a reliable graphic design tool, a small team of designers can manage to create the best designs. This eliminates the need to hire another designer or a third-party company to do any design job.

5. Better Customer Experience

A good design improves communication channels by eliminating confusion in the delivery of an organization’s message. Informative visuals do not only promote products but also help improve engagement. These graphic design tools allow designers to explore different designs to capture the interest of customers and give them something new to marvel at.  

Graphic Design Tools For Various Design Teams

For Individuals and Small Teams That Love to Use Templates:


Most marketing teams are innovating their designs to make it look like everything is aligned with the brands or products they promote. This is the beauty of using Easil. It is easy to use it to create a Brand Kit that allows you to design templates for exclusive branding assets. Templates make it easier and faster to create cohesive campaign materials. Easil also has a collaborative feature that makes working with other team members simpler. The creative team can create a design approval workflow that will guide even the non-designer teammates. This is what makes Easil great at protecting brand integrity. If your team is just starting out, you can get your hands on more than a thousand editable graphic and video templates. Customize them in a few clicks, and you have pro-quality layouts that you can use for your brand.

Easil is designed with all types of users in mind, even for its subscription plans. It offers a free plan for those who would like to test it out first and explore its features. The ‘easilPlus’ at $7.50 per user per month has all the creative tools needed to make and manage templates. The easilEDGE plan at $59 per month is the ultimate solution for teams who need unlimited premium templates. A tailored package is also available, which comes with a dedicated account manager.

Whatever industry you are in, you will need graphic design at some point. You can benefit from it to improve advertisements, create brochures, and even when creating business reports. This is why it is important that you are armed with the best tools to do most of the creative process. Kittl is one software that will help propel even a small team to success using graphic design. So much time, talent, and other resources are utilized to build a good design. Kittle supplies numerous prefabricated design templates that can be customized to fit a certain branding.

By providing a world-class template as a design base, the team can focus on manipulating the design elements to have the perfect design that will work with your project. The available templates are perfect for any design project, such as logos, labels, posters, cards, social media content, and even t-shirts.  

It is also convenient that they have different plans according to every team’s needs. You can unlock all features for as low as $ 10 per month or $24 and $79 per month if you need stunning designs that sell.

For Teams That Frequently Use Images:


Removing backgrounds from photos is tiring and consumes a lot of time. Removal.AI is a revolutionary graphic design tool that is incredible at removing image backgrounds using AI technology. The team behind Removal.AI is keen on boosting work efficiency by providing a simple yet effective solution. It is different from other photo editing tools because it is specifically designed for background removal. It works fast and needs little input from the user. You just upload photos, and the program will do the rest. Quality-wise, it produces great resolutions, especially for paid downloads. It is much cheaper to use rather than pay for a human designer to do the same job. 

Another reason why a lot of creative teams love Removal.AI is its straightforward pricing. You choose how many image background removal you need every month and pay for it. Get high-resolution downloads for as low as $ 0.05 per image for 10,000 images per month.

For Teams That Needs Creative Videos and Animations:

Looking for an easy and user-friendly way to create professional videos, logos, websites, or graphics? Look no further than Renderforest. With a wide range of video templates to choose from, you can create high-quality designs at a fraction of the cost it would normally take to have someone else do it for you. So why not give Renderforest a try today? You might be surprised at just how much you can accomplish with this powerful tool.

Our prices for different levels of service are as follows: Lite, $9.99/month for growth-stage businesses; Pro, $19.99/ month advanced users with access to designs and premium websites; Business, also $19.99/seat is perfect for enterprises or teams that need top results.

For Those Who Need Design Variations:

Coming up with a unique design is a huge task by itself; what more if you are to produce designs in a variety of formats for different platforms? It used to be a problem among graphic designers to make design variations of brand assets that are to be posted on social media, websites, blogs, and other digital and print media. Good thing there are graphic design tools, like Flexitive, that can automate the process of creating unlimited design variations. It allows you to optimize the design according to its use. Because it can quickly generate omnichannel design variations, it will be easier for the marketing team to reach customers across demographics, locations, and languages.

When it comes to its subscription plans, Flexitive offers a $59 per month plan billed annually for small teams. This is perfect for those who are to create various designs for omnichannel communication and has to export to a variety of platforms. The Enterprise plan at $89 billed annually is for bigger organizations that would like to automate design production and distribution.

For UI Designers and Developers:

It is a constant challenge for developers to create outstanding designs for their clients. More than the aesthetics, they are also expected to add awesome functions and features to the UI. is a cutting-edge tool that provides UI designers with a PhotoEditor SDK. What this solution do is allow the designer to ass a fully customizable editor into the app design. Aside from the photo editor, it also has a video editor SDK and CreativeEditor SDK. These solutions are perfect for when you are building web and mobile apps.  It is so easy to use that you just have to copy the code provided after choosing your favorite framework. The PhotoEditor SDK, for example, works with IOS, Android, Angular, Cordova, Flutter, and more. Even newbie designers can use it since there are available demos and other resources to guide the user about how it works.

For Illustration Users:


Illustrations are a big part of any industry, especially in this digital era of marketing. With illustrations, companies can convey their messages more clearly, and it can be done with flair. Illustrations are perfect for companies who want to create entertaining graphics to keep the audience interested in their products. Designstripe is a modern graphic design tool that can assist designers to create breathtaking illustrations. It is a favorite among small to large enterprises because even non-design folks can easily navigate its features. This means that no design skill is necessary to create illustrations using DesignStripe.

Full access to all of Designstipe’s illustration styles only costs $20 a month. This paid plan is so worth it since you get access to the illustrations and other content, like mockups and design templates.


What do Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Toyota have in common? Aside from being renowned global brands, these fine companies trust Drawkit for its professional-quality illustrations. Drawkit was created as a resource for designers, developers, and other types of creators for high-quality graphics to be used on various projects. The site grew on a massive scale and became a go-to resource as more illustrations were added daily.

Its library of free illustrations is regularly updated. There are illustrations in both 2D and 3D, as well as other styles like icons, animations, and mockup. This makes for another reason why your team should check out this tool.

 You can try out its features with a free account or unlimited access to free and Pro content for a year at only $79. Honestly, anyone who loves to create or needs illustrations for business should go for the Lifetime plan at only $295. It gives you a lifetime unlimited access to Pro content which means an eternal supply of professional illustrations at your fingertips.

A Final Note

Notice that many of these programs were created for efficiency. Take, for example, Removal.AI. Without this tool, a designer has to spend countless hours preparing each product photo. Imagine having to work with hundreds of images daily. Too much time will be wasted, and the inefficiency can result in delays in launching the products. It may also cause the designers to be too tired to do other tasks. The worst thing that can happen is when the creative team loses their drive to create the best designs because of the monotonous job given to them. Graphic design tools are designed to help avoid these kinds of scenarios.

Although they are designed differently, these design apps share a general goal: to lighten the load of work that designers have to do in every project. They offer solutions to tackle anything from the simplest to the most complex aspects of the design process. All that is left to do is find the best graphic design tools that would match the industry or kind of work that you need them for. Doing so will ensure that its features will help your team attain your goals.

Disclaimer: We do not own some of the images, videos and content being shared on this page. Please note that some of the images, videos we used have copyrights belonging to their original owners. No copyright infringement intended. If you originally owned the images, videos and content we shared and distributed on our website, and do not wish to have your work get published or distributed should make your wishes known to us. You can email us at We will take your content down and never publish it on any of our pages.

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