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8 Useful Tips For Successful E-commerce Image Editing

by Yen November 4,2019 1197 Views

E-commerce has firmly planted its hold in the business field and it doesn’t seem like the e-commerce industry will fade away any time soon. Photography is of major importance in this industry as sales depend solely on visual trust. While venturing into the field of e-commerce image editing it is vital to explore some tips that can give you the results that your clients desire.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind while taking up projects in this field:

1. Angled shots and Selecting Backgrounds

E-Commerce image editing services
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Shots of alternative angles for the display of product photos are a game-changer so make sure to select shots of proper angles, especially with multi-sized images. The factor that can make your image look professional is the background, a clean and unique background can give you the images you desire. It also plays a major factor during product photography. Detailed pictures with clean backgrounds are sure to attract potential buyers and impress your clients as well.

2. Playing with Colours and Shadows

E-Commerce Product editing services

The colors of the products should be attention-grabbing. If a product comes in a variety of colors then it is best to add them in a slide bar, this can help potential buyers to take a good look at the products from all aspects. Shadows can also give us better results by decreasing the jagged effect which caused when the image is expanded. Another factor for product photo editing in the field of e-commerce image editing is color variation but perfection in this field isn’t easy and requires a lot of experience.

3. Photo Size & Zooming

Product photo editing
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Product size is extremely important during product photo editing for e-commerce. The size of the product must show every intricate detail of the product and must be appropriate. Sometimes different types of images require the zoom-in or zoom-out feature. This helps spread the credibility of the product to potential buyers. The zooming feature reveals detailed product information and trade signs that can win the trust of the consumers. The process of zooming is extremely simple, all that needs to be done is for the product image to be double-clicked or rolled over by the cursor.

4. High-Quality Image

The quality of the image is essential, clear pictures impress customers. A low-quality image can prove to be the fastest road to failure in this business that is why a high quality and clear image is extremely essential. No marketing strategy can solve this issue making e-commerce business dependant on photo editing companies.

5. Hard Work and Patience

For any business to be successful it is essential to have determination, put in hard work, effort and patience. Clipping an image may seem like an easy task that can be done without experience but it is not so.

clipping path

A perfect result is completely dependant on the efforts and patience that’s poured in to acquire that perfection. Perfection in e-commerce image editing cannot be achieved by just anyone as it requires talent. Hiring skilled professionals can help you bring in more traffic to your website increasing sales of these products as customers depend solely on images to buy products online.

6. Specified Information

Product Photos
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Certain conditions require photos to be edited in a certain way to attract potential clients. With a quality image, the seller also needs to make sure that he posts the right information and specifications about the products which can be informative as well as convincing. Online buyers buy products with the help of product images and their specifications.

7. Being Consistent

Product Photo Editing
Image via

Images need to be reliable and win the trust of the clients to keep the value of your brand trustworthy. The images on the portal need to be identical to the products sold. Quality is extremely essential whether it is images or products. Prove yourself to the consumers by providing them with the best and display these quality products with quality product images.

8. Different Angles

footwear product photography
image source:

A different angle is always required to display your products in the e-commerce field. Potential buyers choose online products without touching, seeing or feeling them directly, therefore, we need to do our best so that the buyer can connect with the product like its right in front of them. Different angles of the product can help achieve this.

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Online Entrepreneurs acquire product photos through professional photographers, through producers or through employees who are novice photographers.

It is best to hire professional photographers to take the product pictures as they can prove to be a boon to your business even though they can be a bit pricey. We recommend you to hire professional photographers so that your website looks genuine.

Sales can then be improved with the help of photo editing companies like us. Photo editing needs to be done by skilled professionals for the best results, let Ephtovn do the job for you.

Why Choose Ephotovn?

Ephtovn has the most skilled professionals when it comes to e-commerce image editing services, We assure the best quality product editing that can bring in more traffic to your website, increase credibility amongst your clients and boost your sales.

Ephtovn also provides other professional photo editing services:

  • Colour Correction: Colours are fixed with the help of this technique to make the images look natural.
  • Image Making: Photoshop Image masking is used to get rid of hair, threads, fur etc. from the background.
  • Photo Retouching: An image can be enhanced in quality with the help of this technique making the image look more attractive and perfect.
  • Background Removal: Background is removed with the help of photo clipping path technique and it’s an important service in photo editing.
  • Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint: This service is mostly used in the e-commerce sector to remove mannequins from images so that only costumes are displayed.

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