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How Does Product Photos and E-Commerce Photo Editing Help in Boosting Sales

by Yen December 3,2019 1251 Views

According to statistics, 1.66 billion people or 21.8% of the world’s population shops online. If you have an e-commerce site, then you must do your best to convince them since there is a fiercely competitive market out there.

Did you know that a simple e-commerce photo editing can do wonders in convincing potential customers?

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That’s right!

Across all industries, being able to stand out, even just the product photos, is an effective strategy to influence the buying behavior of customers.

For online buyers, photo quality is an important factor that makes them want to complete their orders. The visual content is a key deciding factor in a purchasing decision which is why how product photos look should be prioritized.

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Product Photos as Influencers

Obviously, photo quality is the top priority when running an online store. E-commerce photo editing must be factored in the marketing approach since product photos also reflect your brand. When it comes to image editing services, it is more than just a simple clipping path or background removal that must be applied. Everything, from the styling of the product photos down to the photo retouching services that are to be applied, must be of top quality in order to be effective.

Here are e-commerce photo editing tips that must be used to boost sales and engagement:

1. Use Large Images

High-quality images are not enough for most online shoppers. The bigger the pictures, the clearer the details of the product will be. In some ways, it gives a sense of reliability if you are willing to give the customers a detailed product photo.

Shoe Product Photos

2. Add a 360° Effect

Since they are shopping online, customers do not get to inspect the items up close. Even if you present large photos, it will be more effective if they can somehow see other angles of the product. Make it interactive using expert e-commerce photo editing effects where product photos can turn around in full 360° spin. With this method, you can give the customers simulated offline shopping experience.

3. Combine Clean Product Photos and Lifestyle Shots

With most image editing services, product photos are shown on their own and with a plain white background. It is also typical to have the same style in different angles. While it looks professional, there is also a kind of charm that is brought about by adding at least one lifestyle photo of the product. This means that you have to show a nice photo of where the product is used by a model. This will give them an idea about how it would look when worn or during operation.

Product Photo Editing

4. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Taking product photos does not necessarily mean having to spend too much on it. Forgoing fancy lighting set up is one of the ways to save money from DIY product photography. Take advantage of the early morning and late afternoon where there is enough light that is not too harsh. Use white paper or sheer drapes to diffuse the light so you can avoid harsh shadows on the final photos.

5. Use a Tripod

A tripod is one of the basic photography tools that you must have at all times when shooting product photos. It helps you in three ways: for stability, clearer focus, and consistent shots. Even if you have steady hands, the tiniest of movements can totally destroy the quality of the photos. You can either invest in a good-quality tripod or make use of everyday objects, like books, to stabilize the camera like a tripod.

E-Commerce Product Photography

6. Leave it to the Professionals.

Unfortunately, many e-commerce site owners think that they can cut the budget for product photography by doing everything DIY-style. In truth, this is a huge risk to take since most of the competition prioritize the budget for product photography. The best solution? Take the photos using the above tips then hire a professional to do the post-processing. There are plenty of service providers that you can trust for e-commerce photo editing. With an expert team to take care of your photos, you are assured of the best results that will also give you an advantage once you use the photos for marketing purposes.

professional retouchers

Never underestimate the importance of product photography in your business. It is your most important tool in creating a trusting relationship with your customers.

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  1. Laura December 27, 2019

    To me, it’s obvious that professional photo editing will boost sales. Picking the right people for the editing is critical. They can increase sales tenfold just by knowing the human mind and knowing how to get that wallet out ;). It’s well worth the investment if you ask me.

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