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5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Clipping Path Service

by Yen September 4,2019 781 Views

clipping path_clipping path service

Clipping path is one of the most popular, sought after post processing technique. There are a lot of providers for this service as this is frequently used in editing photos.

Clipping path technique is not only for background removal service but also a way to isolate an image and edit it. It is one of the fundamental steps in achieving better product photos in the retail industry. In fact, many industries find clipping path to be useful, not in e-commerce alone. Portraits, model, real estate, and publishing photography all rely on photo editing services. Most of all, they need clipping path service before the photos are used for their campaigns.

Arming your self with the right knowledge is necessary before acquiring such services.

Here, we give you five things you should consider first before picking a clipping path service provider:

1. Quality

First, you have to focus your search for best clipping path service company based on the quality of their output. In the first place, the point of seeking such services is to make sure that your photos achieve professional quality.

There are those who use applications that can erase the background like a clipping path does. However, there is no technology yet that is comparable to clipping paths only skilful editors draw. The results are not as fine and detailed as hand-drawn clipping paths. So, you have to look out and avoid those who want to do things the easy way and compromises quality.

2. Techniques Used

How the editors draw the clipping paths also tell the quality of the results. You need to check the overall work from their samples. Are the edges rough? paths too obvious? Editing goes beyond clipping path that’s why you need to be meticulous.

Your photo must come out natural and not seeming fake. Only the best and professional editors consider to edit all areas and deliver post processed photos that look natural.

3. Uploading/Downloading Method

While looking for a clipping path company, you need to know how the transfer of images go. They should offer a secure FTP server or applications to make sure that uploading photos are fast and safe. This is very crucial since there might be times that you will need the images to be back ASAP. Your work may get compromised if the company has no fast method of delivering post-processed photos.

4. Reputation

You must also be concerned about what people say about these clipping path companies. Check out their testimonials page and find people who have been their clients. Are they legit clients? It does not hurt to do some research if their clients do exist.

Aside from that, you have to know the over-all services of your outsource company. You might already know that post-processing does not only involve clipping path service or background removal service. Find out if your prospects are also great with other photo editing techniques.

Some companies are also very specific on the kind of photos that they accept. Some only accept wedding photos, product photos, or portraits. Find a company that accepts all kinds of photos and can do all types of image editing techniques

5. Payment

First thing to consider about payment is the price range for the company’s services. It’s undeniable that clients want to have the best quality output at a low price quote as possible. There is nothing wrong with this, though. If you have a certain budget for the editing of your photos, you can find clipping path companies that offer flexible pricing for their services. There are deals for bulk orders and maybe add a reasonable amount for extra services such as additional retouching.

The company should also have a diverse set of payment methods aside from the usual credit card option. Having a lot of choices for sending out payments will be convenient especially if you prefer doing everything via online banking.

Lastly, do they offer money-back guarantee? or are they supposed to work on the photos until they get you satisfied? You can ask if the company also offers a free trial to see their work quality first before ordering more.

Clipping path is very important if you need to elevate your marketing strategies by providing professional-looking photographs. If you cannot do it on your own because you do not know how to or if you are too busy to do so, you can always outsource for this kind of service.

Do not be confused with the number of companies that offers clipping path service. You should be thankful instead that you get to have many choices. You have the chance to pick one that will suit your specifications. Whether you need a provider that offers low prices but without compromising quality, or you need to have one that has the fastest turnaround time, you can certainly find it.

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