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Finding the Affordable Clipping Path Service for Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

by Yen September 5,2019 128 Views

affordable clipping path service

Running your own business is a challenge on its own. You need to have the perfect business plan to keep the business going. On top of that, you also need to keep all the costs as minimal as possible and aim for higher returns. If you are starting out, the pressure can be unbearable. You need to mind every marketing strategy that you will have to do.

In e-commerce and any kind of business, it is essential to get the approval of the buying public. You can do this by having the best product presentations for them. This task is more challenging because customers cannot personally inspect the products. You need to make all photos clear, detailed, and at the same time, appealing. One of the ways to do this is by having a clipping path service for product photos.

Importance of Clipping Path in E-Commerce

There are a lot of ways to use a clipping path. Unlike what people usually think, it is not only used for background removal services.

By drawing a clipping path to a photo, you can remove its background or choose to enhance and give it more emphasis. You can also change the color and do some adjustments on the image around the clipping path area. Without it, you won’t be able to achieve these enhancements.

For e-commerce entrepreneurs, it is good to have a partner that caters these clipping path services. It will be a good assurance to make sure that you perfectly highlight your products.

By outsourcing services, cost will be the first constraint an entrepreneur must address. Good thing, there are companies who offer photo editing services at affordable prices. So if you are in a tight budget, rest assured you will find someone to aid you for your marketing campaigns. It will be a matter of knowing where and what to look for so that you can get the best deals and best output for your images.

tips to get the most affordable clipping path service

Now, here are some tips on how you can get the most affordable clipping path service for your product photos:

1. Outsource Clipping Path

Clipping path is a special technique honed through constant practice. Depending on your photo, drawing a clipping path may take more time. But rest assured, if your photo editor is an expert, he/she will deliver a professional output at a lesser time.

Surprisingly, a lot of companies offer clipping path services at a lower cost compared to individuals you hire from freelancing sites. This could be because companies offer specific clipping path services. They are able to assess the difficulty of the editing and may offer packages if you have a lot of photos. So if you want to take advantage of this, it is better that you look for an outsource company.

2. Ordering by Batch

Bulk order prices are quite lower compared to having one or two photos to for editing. Many companies have good deals especially if a lot of photos needing post process. This will be advantageous for businesses that are starting up. The pricing scheme will be more beneficial as you will have to pay less for a lot of photos.

3. Adding Extra Services

Aside from clipping path, you can also get other photo retouching services in addition for your photos. From background removal service, you can add these extras which include adding shadows and other effects, blemish removal, skin smoothening, teeth whitening, color correction, and more. You can ask about packages that include these services so you never have to pay for it individually.

4. Map Out the Timeline Well

It will cost higher to have rush orders with all the image manipulation companies. Avoid paying more for rushed orders by mapping up your marketing timeline well. Prioritize the clipping path of your photos before anything else since you will do the uploading on the website later on. Just make sure that the turnaround time will be enough to for you to do the next steps of the campaign within the specified time frame.

5. Choose a Reputable Company

It will be more of a waste if you outsource an affordable clipping path service but the output quality is poor. What you need are photos that can impress the buying public. Even if you are aiming for a cheaper price for clipping path, you need to ensure that the quality is not compromised in any way. This can be possible if you choose a reputable company who will work with you. You need to pick one that will uphold to their promise of professional-quality results.

Check the testimonials of previous clients to check for the company’s reputation. See if they give any guarantee to fix the problem for any issues that concern the output of the photos. It is also great if you can discuss with the company about your expectations and specifications about your order. This will eliminate any misunderstandings that may lead to unfulfilled promises and unsatisfactory results later on.

Brands are easily recognized by the way they present their products. All marketing efforts will be put to waste if you have poor-quality photos on your website. Good thing that there are plenty of image editing services that can help make product photos look more presentable to the target audience.

It is not a bad thing to look for affordable means in promoting your company, especially if you are just building up your brand. Follow these tips and you will get more value for what you pay for any photo editing services for your company.

No matter where you are, do not be left out and improve your photos by having quality but affordable clipping path service from Ephotovn. Get more bang from your bucks by ordering in bulk. Save more from a special rate of only $0.39 per image for a minimum of 1000 images. Contact us now and we will get back with you ASAP for the best quote.

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